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The Exchange

Gnomes have love too

"He gave me this little metal butterfly...He knows how much I love those....and it flies! It flies and makes little lights as it goes! It's amazing..."
- A vire bride
  The Exchange is the simple exchanging of heart-oaths and a token between prospective pairings. This process thoroughly embodies the way of life that the vire have, embracing the magical tinkering that they spend their lives working with.  


The entire process for the Exchange is a relatively simple one. The prospective pairing will meet together, either publicly or privately, and exchange a magically binding set of heart-oaths and present each other with a token of their affections.   Though each pairing is able to speak their own heart-oaths, there is a generally used heart-oath for those who are either not confident in their ability to speak their own, or simply do not want to attempt to.  
"I pledge myself; my whole mind, soul, and body, to my betrothed. I pledge to be the companion of my betrothed for as long as we desire, with illness and death being merely small obstacles in our journey together. I pledge my love for my betrothed to become our own magical tie to each other. For my betrothed, I will never be away from them."
  Each token of affection differs from vire to vire, some creating small, beautiful objects that their betrothed will undoubtedly love beyond compare, other creating large, garish objects that might still be loved, but with a more joyous and playful aspect to it.   Once the heart-oaths are spoken, and the tokens exchanged, the pairing will be bathed in purple light for a moment as magical rings are created upon their hands of matching metals and design. These rings could be any metal, not simply gold or silver, and has in some cases, been made of wood.   After these rings have been created, the process is finished and the pairing is then able to show off their new adornments or consummate their marriage.
Gnome Tinker


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Jul 25, 2018 17:24

Your article is really cute and lovely! Nice job! I am curious though, what if a gnome's spouse dies of an illness or injury and they want to marry again. Is the widow/widower allowed to do so? Or do they have to continue honoring their deceased love by never remarrying or even looking at someone else again?

Jul 25, 2018 21:11 by Andrew

They can remarry, it isn't uncommon, and it's just a matter of taking the ring off before re-pledging, but most tend to honour their dead spouse.

Jul 25, 2018 17:49

Aw, that's a sweet little ritual. :D   Are the rings magically summoned as a result of the ceremony-magic? Is that where the purple light come from?

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
Jul 25, 2018 21:12 by Andrew

Yep! Their heart-oaths make them!

Jul 25, 2018 21:13

THat's neat. Innate gnome magicalness makes it happen? :)

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
Jul 26, 2018 02:40 by Andrew

Of course!

Jul 25, 2018 18:20 by Michael

A gnome article I can get behind! How do they feel about polyamory?

Jul 25, 2018 21:14 by Andrew

Indifference, I suspect. Polyamory isn't unheard of in Gnomish circles, and the Exchange can work with multiple people for the same marriage, just gets a bit lengthy.