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Sashes of Li'tri

"Usukhulile manje Dumisane. Amazulu asitshela ukuthi uwela ngaphansi kweBhinca ukuze uphumele emhlabeni futhi uzithola manje."
— Dumisane's mother


Dunes of Destiny

  Worn by those who have come of age in the southern tribespeople of Kubicha, the sashes of Li’tri represent the moment they cross the sands of time, the second their journey as a child has ceased and their adventure as an adult begins. Whether a sash is worn as a belt, scarf, headdress, or other wrapping, they are perhaps the only vibrant piece of clothing worn by many of them, dyed a colour chosen by the stars of the night they have earned their sash.
  When the Belt of Akinno rests in the middle of the sky, the sashes are dyed a deep red, and when the Belt lies along the horizon they are dyed a soft blue. Should Kinra’s Sword rise above the horizon, green is the colour to be used. Other constellations can represent when your sash is to be coloured purple, yellow, perhaps even an orange or a brown. There is no shame to any colour, just different adventures to be taken.

Paths to the Walker

  To have your sash dyed green means that you shall ascend from your journey to be a great warrior, as the Sword has blessed your path. Blue tells that your path will be long and perilous, but not without hope. Red shows that you are not just a path taker, but a pathfinder, one meant to guide others on their own journeys and find your own in the process.
  There are many more colours to be found in the journeys of those spread across a lifetime, such as that of the deep blue, where your path is dark but not a darkness to be scared of, or that of purple where the magic that lies at the fingertips of nearly every being in the Eight Lands jumps at your call. Perhaps, even that of the moonlit sash, where it might just be time to find what role you truly play in this large world of ours...
Item type
Clothing / Accessory


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Jun 29, 2022 07:46

Interesting how a piece of clothing plays such a large role in the destiny of people. Love the concept!   Keep up the good work! :D

Jun 29, 2022 08:31 by Andrew

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