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Formed gods know how many years ago, the brightest light in the night sky is the singular star you can see that points due north. Few travelers who remember the presence of Ithrosintar have been lost to the ravages of the world.
— An unknown speaker


The northern-most light in the sky is the main way that seafarers and travelers on the northern hemisphere of the Eight Lands navigate at night, alongside constellations such as the Amber Runemuse and the Eastern Scarf.   First seen and named by an Evin named Ashala Renis, they were standing upon the Pines of Perseverance and observing the movements of the sky over days, letting the starlight mixed with moonlight bathe them each night. With each night of observation, Ashala determined many of the constellations known both to the Evin and the rest of the Eight Lands today.  


Throughout the years, the original meaning of the name Ithrosintar has been lost and replaced by the other name it is known by; guidance.   The pale blue-white star that rests just shy of the darkest edge of the horizon has been the object of many a story throughout the years of the Eight Lands, the most well-known being that of The Light & The Dark, a tale of the star meeting the darkness. While it isn't the only story to romanticize a celestial object, is it quite possibly the most beloved to children of the Eight Lands.
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