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"They're not immortal, y'know, but boy do they sometimes not realize that by the time they're dead, we'll be long gone."
— Someone, somewhere

Long-lived in the World

  Thought to be one of the first sentient creatures in the Eight Lands, the evini have a long history with nearly every corner of the world.   Gifted with a lithe frame, most evini stand on par average human and their sharp eyes provide them with clearer sight in the dark. Their bodies are impregnated with the influences of sound, allowing them to hear finer sounds more clearly and tread more softly than most. This influence has also shaped their ears to gain a more pointed look, not dissimilar to that of a cat.   Through their long lives, it can be difficult to ascertain the age of an evin, unless one looks at their eyes. Born without colour in their iris', the evini slowly develop their eye colour over their formative years. This colour can span from a gentle pink to a bright yellow and to the deepest blue. While some may believe that their eye colour is linked to their heritage, it is not, and remains an everchanging aspect in the live of the evini.   Should you see an evini die, you would bear witness to one of the most tragically beautiful sights in the world.  

Worldspanning in their Influence

  During their time in the Eight Lands, the evini have managed to disseminate themselves across nearly every parcel of land. Some of them, such as the ithrevini, have taken up residence in the mountains of the world to keep their eyes on the stars. Others like the tahlevini rest near the seas, allowing the nature of the tides permeate their being.   Wherever the evini are, you can be guaranteed a welcome stay if you pose no threat, and a swift kick in the ass should you try anything against their wishes.  


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Nov 15, 2021 18:43

These Evini sound awesome! I'd love to meet a few of them. :3 I like how the colour of their eyes develop during their lives. :D   Keep up the good work! :D

Nov 16, 2021 16:54 by Andrew

They're usually pretty cool, but that's not a temperament shared through all of them, so your mileage may vary. One particularly annoyed evini lives in Akranes and is basically....imagine an evini mixed with a viking and that's pretty much what you got there