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A glow in the dark

"..And when the man was lying down, wounds crossing his body, his limbs contorted in pain, he looked towards the soft, healing glow. Reaching out with a bloodied hand, he grabbed the small glowing vial and poured it onto his chest..."


Originally found in the Golden Depths and since found in small pockets around the Eight Lands deep underground, Ethaerium is a rare, yellow, gel-like substance that emits a soft glow.
With how it came into existence unknown, it was quickly put through a manner of tests by several alchemists, and was found to have some odd properties, like its immense cleaning ability. This considerably useful substance was considered for many different purposes, however none were acted upon due to the rarity of it. Because of this, ethaerium became a staple for many an alchemist to try and understand and figure out more about it.  


Ethaerium can be used for many things, though the rarity of it means that it's not commonly used for much except further testing and some arcane experiments.
Some of the uses of Ethaerium are the following:
  • Cleaning agent
  • Energy stimulant
  • Regenerative compound


This gel-like substance has no remarkable behavioural properties, maintaining its form through moderate temperatures. However, when subjected to extreme cold or extreme heat, ethaerium loses its gel-like form and acts as water while stiffening when impacted, absorbing the energy from it.   Aside from this odd disparity between temperature and viscosity, ethaerium is remarkably stable and is not able to be ignited. It is also not able to be frozen or boiled, however studies are being funded to research whether ethaerium can be turned into a crystalline form or used within consumables.
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Jul 7, 2018 05:06 by Heath O'Donnell

Solid bit of work there! I'd recommend finding a not oobleck word to explain it's interesting properties. I donlike that it is a cleaning agent, stimulant and healing material, as the prior two are good for healing wounds.

Jul 7, 2018 05:23 by Andrew

Think of it as acting as bleach and Red Bull while having a regenerative capability (Apparently my edit to the healing use bit didn't happen, so I'm fixing that now.) As for the oobleck then, I wasn't sure what to write it as, but I'll have a look around and see about it.

Jul 7, 2018 05:43 by Mint

Like the opening quote! I have a weakness to opening quotes, and this one didn't disappoint! Ethaerium has very odd properties, I wonder how came to be?

Jul 7, 2018 05:43 by Andrew

The Dwarves and Gnomes want to know that too

Jul 7, 2018 06:42

The quote is a lot better now that it's not a run-on sentence. :P
That's interesting that it can be used to clean, replenish (or give?) energy, and regenerate. The second and third two make sense, but the fact that it can clean things too is interesting. Or is the idea that it returns whatever it touches to the state it's supposed to be in? (Cue Doctor Who flashbacks)
That'd be interesting to see as a crystalline form - perhaps a sort of healing crystal or mana crystal?

Jul 7, 2018 06:54 by Andrew

It's just really thorough cleaning/maintenance, but it does clean whatever it's used on how it's meant to be done, for instance, with a sword, it'd act as if it's wiped down, oiled the blade and sharpened the edge.

Jul 7, 2018 06:57

So for regeneration or energy, it just goes "huh, you're low on energy. have more", or "huh, you have viruses. lemme get rid of those for you"?
Has this substance ever accidentally gotten rid of something when it wasn't supposed to?

Jul 7, 2018 10:18 by Andrew

Well, I mean, one Gnome went missing this one time, but it was probably unrelated

Jul 7, 2018 14:20

Does anybody know where the Gnome went?

Jul 7, 2018 14:39 by Andrew

Some think he died, others say that he met a girl Gnome and they absconded.

Jul 7, 2018 13:10 by Ammy M

What an interesting compound! A cleaning agent AND healing item? AND it glows? Are we sure it's not radioactive? All jokes aside, the only thing I personally suggest is putting the Uses first, because reading its origin before knowing exactly what it does was a little awkward

Jul 7, 2018 13:23 by Andrew

It's just a little glow! A little sort of shine-a-torch-through-honey glow.