Enrii Kalronii

Let's see...research journal...check. Pen...check. Maps...check. Compasses...check. Flasks...one, two, three...fifteen, and all in alphabetical order...check. And lastly...my Sigil. Where...where's my damn sigil! Devil's breath where the hell is...oh, it's already on me. Oh...   Great, now I have to start from the beginning again.    
—Enrii Kalronii, when not doing her pre-mission check with perfection

Enrii Kalronii is the deuteragonist of the upcoming web novel The Scholar's Great Work. She is a 20-year-old devil from the city of Mar'valkaniil, located in the Realm of Pride of Infernus. She is proficient in the Spiritual Pillar for her age, able to perform spells of moderate intricacy. Due to her skill as a Spiritualist and her condemnation of The Order of Reasonable Teachings , she was recruited by the The Order of Invisible Shield.   Kalronii, although only having been with the Invisible Shield for six months, rose through both the ranks as Agent and Sigil Bearer to where she serves the Order as a Field Intelligencer. She is a part of the Daar'gmalel Specialized Force, alongside 2nd Marshals Iinmainur Vrainur and Durmiir Duranon.
Enrii Kalronii written in Yolniir Inlazankel by bnichs
nrii is devoted to the Invisible Shield's cause, stating that her role in it is her life's purpose. She is also highly optimistic, often seeing the silver linings to things.
We're the smaller cogs in the machine that turn the larger ones.
- Enrii Kalronii
Date of Birth
Kota'renzaal 11th, 175.468 NS | Mortal Year 1873
Light Purple
Light Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Brown
5'3" (1.63m)
110lbs. (49.9kg)

Enrii's Arsenal

Personal Life

Early Life

Enrii was born on the 11th of Kota'renzaal 175.468 NS to Riina and Kadan Kalronii in the city of Mar'vakniil of Zan'nil kii Nara'kazaan. Enrii was a naturally gifted mage, even as a devil. She showed signs of magical great magical talent at the age of 3, years well before when devil children show their talent. Due to this, she began her training as a mage earlier than most.   Before enrollment in a primary school, Enrii was privately tutored in her home. By the age of 6, she had already mastered the fundamentals of elementary Spiritualistic Magic. When she enrolled in a primary school, she was allowed to skip several grades and into the final year of primary school. Being the envy of many of her older classmates, Enrii found herself ostracized. Jealousy from more senior students that Enrii was somehow better than them, not just in magic, but all around thinking she was self-absorbed, pompous even.    Far from the truth, Enrii was none of these things and chose to ignore her superiors. Studying alone was her sort of thing anyway.   At the age of 7, Enrii enrolled in a secondary school as the youngest student. Once more, she was ostracized by her peers. As she did before, she ignored the older students and kept to herself. Not soon after, she found her interest in life: Investigative Magic.   Honing her skill throughout secondary school, Enrii graduated with the highest possible honors. By the age of 10, Enrii had already mastered several Adept-level spells. She was already considered a prodigy by her teachers.

Ev'jananka Intermediate and the Reasonable Teachings

After graduating from secondary school, Enrii was enrolled at the most prestigious intermediate school in the Zan'nil, Ev'jananka Intermediate. There, she was surrounded by like-minded individuals, and for the first time, she was able to be a part of a social circle. There she met her rival and best friend, Miikono Doshk.   Enrii and Miikono shared many classes, and the two studied together daily. Their first two years went as typical as any student. However, things changed once they entered their third and final year of intermediate. What Enrii didn't know about Miikono was that her family had ties to The Order of Reasonable Teachings. This was revealed during the Ev'jananka Mock Investigation.   When Enrii solved the investigation, she was awarded a letter of recommendation to a school of her choice. What she didn't expect was to be met by Miikono's father, a man she'd never met and only knew about since Miikono talked highly of him. Miikono's father, Salshiir Doshk. Salshiit congratulated Enrii and told her he'd like for her to attend his alma mater Duransa High, a school she'd heard of and dreamt about.   However, when Salshiir mentioned he had connections to the school, Enrii asked what kind of connections. Salshiir revealed he had connections to high ranking members of The Order of Reasonable Teachings. He also revealed that he was a Scholar Major with the Order and that his entire family was proud supporters of the Order's cause.   The Order of Reasonable Teachings, Enrii had heard of them but never met any of their members. She remembered her father speaking of them, which were in his words, "a secret but public society that shouldn't be trusted." With her father's words in her mind, Enrii tried to decline Salshiir's offer politely. Although Salshiir respected Enrii's decline, Miikono was disappointed. Miikono thought Enrii would take up the request, and when Enrii didn't, she questioned Enrii's loyalty to the Order.   Confused, Enrii asked what loyalty Miikono referred to. That's when Miikono revealed that the Order sponsored Ev'jananka High. Miikono told Enrii everything the Order was doing for and for the Realm, embellishing the good parts, of course. Enrii could see the frustration in Miikono, and that same day she asked father once more about the Reasonable Teachings. It was that evening that her father revealed to her all her family's secrets.   It turned out that both Enrii's parents were vast critics of the Order, and in recent years that the Order had been getting into "interesting" rumors that were always swept under the rug. Enrii researched the Reasonable Teachings and found they had a rival organization named the Safe-Guardians of the Realm. She learned both Orders' truth and found herself disgusted with the The Order of Reasonable Teachings. She discovered that her ideals aligned with those of the Safe-Guardians of the Realm and decided she wanted to go to a school sponsored by them.   Enrii declared that she was going to Vana'marnul High instead of Duransa High. Feeling betrayed, she cursed her former best friend for her betrayal. Furthermore, when Enrii told Miikono she was a supporter of the Safe-Guardians of the Realm, Miikono gave her a look of pure disgust. The two, having been best friends for the past three years, went from that to enemies.

Vana'marnul High and the Shield

Enrii enrolled in Vana'marnul High, the second most prestigious high school in the city after Duransa High. Vana'marnul was sponsored by the Safe-Guardians of the Realm and a natural rival to Duransa High. Enrii quickly rose to the top of her class within her first year, mastering her classes with ease. When she became eligible for school competitions by her second year, Enrii was met again by Miikono. With their conflicting ideologies, the two competed with everything they had, not for their school's sake, but for personal reasons.   Enrii being the more gifted mage, beat Miikono at everything, individually and in group competitions. But the rivalry only lasted into friendly competitions until their third year. When they were eligible for combat competitions, the innocent matches between them became bloody. During the final round of the annual Duransa & Vana'marnul Rivalry, Miikono attempted to kill Enrii, which was against the rules. However, instead of intervening, Duransa High encouraged Miikono to continue an assault on Enrii. Vana'marnual only intervened when Enrii was about to kill Miikono in a rage.   It was then that Enrii realized this rivalry between them went further than just personal reasons. After the fight, Enrii asked one of her teachers why Miikono acted the way she did. Many dark truths of both Orders were revealed to Enrii that day. The biggest was that the Reasonable Teachings held a secret ideology, "to become as Gods," a dangerous ideology that was poisoning the minds of the Realm. Enrii was also told about another organization, one that went beyond what the Safe-Guardians did: The Order of the Invisible Shield. Her teacher was a member of this secret organization and told her that she shouldn't engage in any further activities that would bring her and Miikono together.   Enrii heeded this advice and decided to focus on her studies and magical talent solely. By the time she'd graduated from Vana'marnul High, Enrii had already advanced past the Mage Adept rank into the Advanced Mage rank.

Joining the Shield

After graduation, Enrii did not attend a university. Instead, her principal awarded her a writ of recommendation for an internship at Mar'vakniil's top private investigation agency. By the age of 20, Enrii had secured a spot as a detective for the agency. However, her first case as an official detective was one she would never have expected—an investigation into the Doshk family and rumors of bribery towards city officials. The investigation quickly turned ugly as the Doshk family found out about Enrii's investigation into them. Enrii would come face to face with Miikono once more, and she conducted multiple attempts on Enrii's life.   When Enrii was close to closing the Doshk case, things took a turn for the worst. Unbeknownst to Enrii, Miikono had devised a plan to get rid of Enrii in a twisted way. Rather than target Enrii directly, Miikono used her ties to the Reasonable Teachings to target Enrii's family to dispose of her.   Although Enrii doesn't tell anyone the truth of what happened the night Miikono's plan was carried out, it was enough for Enrii to drop her case against Miikono and seek out revenge1. Not revenge on Miikono, but the entirety of the Reasonable Teachings. She sought out her old teacher, and she asked how she could join the Invisible Shield. Enrii was told she'd already been placed on a list of potential agents and that the day would come when she'd be asked to join. What better could her old teacher ask for than for Enrii to seek them out instead?   Enrii was formally joined into the shield as an agent and was assigned to the Daar'gmalel Specialized Force alongside her current teammates Iinmainur Vrainur and Durmiir Duranon. After six months of spectacular service, Enrii blasted through both the ranks of Agent and Sigil Bearer to her current rank as a Field Intelligencer.


1. This is generally what Enrii tells people when she's asked why she joined the Invisible Shield. In truth, the only people she has told the real truth of her reason for joining are her teammates Iinmainur and Durmiir as well as her superiors Fulkolniir Devkaniin and Iishun Ashmorii. Although true lore-wise, this is also kept hidden in this article for spoiler's sake.

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