Enrii Kalronii

Let's see...research journal...check. Pen...check. Maps...check. Compasses...check. Flasks...one, two, three...fifteen, and all in alphabetical order...check. And lastly...my Sigil. Where...where's my damn sigil! Devil's breath where the hell is...oh, it's already on me. Oh...   Great, now I have to start from the beginning again.    
—Enrii Kalronii, when not doing her pre-mission check with perfection

Enrii Kalronii is the deuteragonist of the upcoming web novel The Scholar's Great Work. She is a 20-year-old devil from the city of Mar'valkaniil, located in the Realm of Pride of Infernus. She is proficient in the Spiritual Pillar for her age, able to perform spells of moderate intricacy. Due to her skill as a Spiritualist and her condemnation of The Order of Reasonable Teachings , she was recruited by the The Order of Invisible Shield.   Kalronii, although only having been with the Invisible Shield for six months, rose through both the ranks as Agent and Sigil Bearer to where she serves the Order as a Field Intelligencer. She a part of the Daar'gmalel Specialized Force, alongside 2nd Marshals Iinmainur Vrainur and Durmiir Duranon.
Devil (Takriin)
Date of Birth
Kota'renzaal 11th, 175.468 NS | Mortal Year 1873
Light Purple
Light Brown
Skin Tone
Light Brown
5'3" (1.63m)
110lbs. (49.9kg)

Cover image: Sacred Geometry Background. Vector illustration by acid2728k


Author's Notes

Article is still a WIP since other lore still needs to be added to A Scholar's Magnum Opus.

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