Devil (Takriin)

And we shall not lament our children affected by this woeful illness. And by birth and blood may they no longer be true demon, but, still they are in the heart of our Great Lord, in his image and in heart, beings and agents of chaos.    And through this dark era will they emerge, forged of iron wills and containing hearts of kolm'zuul, true successors of the demon. For even before their time and ours, they had already been named in the furthest reaches of time. A name cursed by those would oppose us. A name that our Father had embraced.    Yes...we all know the name for it his in his own Greatness's: Takriin.   
—Ev'kiilos Zanii'vol, Solar Year 175.062

Devils are a non-demonic, humanoid species that reside in Infernus. Devils are blood-related, but at the same time no longer blood-related to Demons (save for the Greater Noble Houses). This is due to an event known as the Avriin'durel Plague, a disastrous illness that reshuffled Demon DNA to become much closer to that of Humans.

Cover image: Shutterstock image 280619771 by Derek R. Audette


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