Common Idioms and Swears

The following is a compilation of idioms known and used throughout Potestatem as I Freblen Pek have heard. Only idioms I have heard in multiple locations exceeding one hundred miles apart are included. All are translated to or originally stated in common. If I think it is necessary the idiom is also defined  

Temple Idioms

  • Temple take you!
  • Fast the as The Temple.
  • Lazy enough to miss The Temple.
  • High as The Temple, to be tall, or prideful.
  • A Temple puller, one who shapes the world around themself.
  • Temple groper, opposite of above, one who wishes they affected the world but doesn't
  • General relations to the sky

    • Belt bellied, to be fat, referring to the asteroid belt around Potestatem.
    • elliptical personality, one who prefers to be alone the majority of their time

    Geography based

    • Dawn haired, to have bed head, or messy hair that sticks up in many places. Refers to Dawn mountains rather than the time dawn.
    • Freaky as Faerie Forest, to be especially weird. Referring to the Faerie Woods in the west
    • Far as Shiva's, To be especially far away. Referring to Shiva the Destroyers domain in the deep northwestern hemisphere.
    • Tambo time, Exclamation to start parties or events. Referring to the Tambo jungle near the east coast.
    • Llano length, to be especially long in time or measurement. Referring to Llano river on the east coast.
    • Grim as Gruesome, to be down on your luck or in a bad situation. Referring to The Lair Of Gruesome Devastation on the south coast of the north ice plains peninsula.
    • Eriar Eccentric, to be spendy.
    • Acrid as Aripas, to be chaotic.
    • Hebury bound, To have great promise or potential. Referring to the Arcane City of Hebury on the west coast.

    The Hazfen Empire, Regional Idioms

    Slaing, pronounced slah-ing, to be lazy or slow moving. Refers to Slastrum slaves who are perceived as the lowest in the Hazfeni culture.   Magni Magnificent, an overall positive term to refer to anything. Refers to The Magnified which are commanding Burgeond leadership that usually run major Aspects of the Hazfen Empire such as large cities or armies. The term is considered somewhat dramatic by many. Example, "This years crop was Magni Magnificent!"   Chomp a Grain, To get something over with because it is inevitable. Refering to a grain of sand.   making it artificery, to complicated something without need. Artificery is viewed as overcomplicated in the Hazfen due to a negative opinion of the Dawn Empire. the Dawn Empire has many Artificers and has warred with the Hazfen Empire many times over the last three hundred years.   Being a Pako, to be social. Refers to the tribal nature of the Aarokorkra in the Hazfen. They are known as Nagpako.   When home was wet, a long time ago. Refering to the mythical ocean that long ago covered the Hazfen.   Like a Dwarf on a Dune, to be nervous and/or sweaty.   Wearing plate with a Sigh, to do something that will result in your own misfourtune. Referring to wearing plate or other heavy armor while a Sigh is near.   Hummus lipped, to be drunk. Refering to a famous tale of a Burgeond who got drunk and performed a speech after a light snack involving hummus that got on their lips.   Copper Call, to laugh loudly, or to fall to the ground laughing. Refering to an old tale of a copper Dragon who let a Burgeond go because of a joke. The joke has been lost to time but many believe if you can learn it you can meet the Copper Dragon.   Hourglass figure, to have a powerful shape. Referring to The Hourglass.   Amped, to be dressed well and elegantly. Referring to the captial of the empire Ampoule.

    Historical or current figure based

    • Gothmogs guile, to be capable of greater violence or power but to withhold it. Not quite a compliment.
    • Leth Shadow, when a movement or small shadow darts at the edge of ones vision. Referring to Letherdon the Lich who is greatly feared and nearly ended the world many times. They are a common childrens horror story. "I just saw a Leth Shadow."

      The Sentinels

      Ahirths horns, General exclamation   Folods (Or Destroyers) breath, to be especially bad-smelling   Folods eye, perceptive   Rhesdy's shot, an accurate shot, near impossible in some cases. Has been adapted to strong alcohols due to the word shot.   Honest as Thero, to be upstanding.   Ahirths mind, to be too smart for your own good.   Bunelbilgs balls, general swear or a general statement of exclamation   Bunelbilgs beard. same as above considered less obscene   Bunelbilgs blessing, to be a master craftsman or healer.
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