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Scientists who study the way the universe works (physics) are physicists.   Across most of Murriet between the Burning of the Library of Guines and the end of the Emswort/Berkham War in 496, scientists weren't allowed. Of the sciences, physicists were the most reviled due to their frequent obsession of understanding both how and why the universe worked the way it worked.   While other sciences like biology and chemistry helped people to learn about the world and could make magic of various types less powerful and more difficult, physics had the strongest such effect on magic. Some level of science and technology in these fields could be used across Murriet, for example a farmer may use some basic biology, often even unitentionally and unconciously.   For this period of time, Berkham was the only refuge on Murriet that physicists had.   After the end of the war, as scientists again began to be allowed and accepted across Murriet, alchemists were the first to be accepted, while physicsts were among the last. Full reintegration with society didn't finally occur for well over a century past the end of the war.



A strong background in physics was necessary for the original populace of Poneren, with a class of astrophysicists and engineers that knew a lot of the universe. As humans struggled to survive for years on the planet, this theoretical knowledge became less important. Some of the ideas and methods were kept, but the deep and advanced knowledge was lost.   These ideas and methods survived through Berkham during the war, and were reintroduced, allowing for a reemergence of physicsts as a viable scientific profession roughly 700 years after the founding of the Teles Council.
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