Uncharted Swamplands

The Uncharted Swamplands serve as a natural border between the region of Ginen and the Riders. Riders have no interest in the swamps--although they sometimes have a problem with the people who live beyond them. And most people in Ginen do not venture far into the Uncharted Swamplands. It is said that many of the people in villages and towns that have set up in the Uncharted Swamplands are in hiding.   The night sky of the Uncharted Swamplands is permeated in the soft glow of purple as the Amethyst Flies circle trunks of large ever-red leafed trees. The Ever Red trees are large enough to build homes in. However, no man-made item can penetrate the inner layers of the trunk's bark. Anchors are placed in the trees, however, in order to build homes created from fallen branches.   All homes are built high because the indigo waters that flow through the trees throughout the Uncharted Swamps is ever-fluctuating. Wherever one walks, their feet sink into mud. Far from being uncomfortable, the copper mud envelopes your feet in a hot, soothing embrace. The mud is known for its healing properties. However, it is important to step lightly when traveling through the Uncharted Swamplands. It is not uncommon for a person to linger too long in one place and find themselves sinking down down down into the mud. Though it's been said, that the copper mud's embrace is the best way to go.   Daily rain showers cause the swamp rivers to rise. The water is so dark blue, it almost seems black. Even without the red and green and blue algae, it would be impossible to see what lies at the bottom. Bridges connect to trees, connect to homes. For longer distance travel, boats are used through man-made canals. The canals and docks help to bring in varieties of fish, crabs, and shrimp to eat. However, it also keeps the *sirens* and *river dolphins* hidden deeper into the Uncharted Swamplands. Historically, they have been friendly to those who have lost their way. However, they dislike the smell of metal or the sound of the grinding watermills.   In unprotected places of the Uncharted Swamplands, supernatural creatures and dark spirits run rampant. Of course, there are some good spirits as well, but many people in the Uncharted Swamplands don't petition to any of them, so the good spirts don't bother to go where they're not called.
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