Ninki Nanka

Ninki Nanka snatched a snack-a when da girl-a snuck-a outta Ran to da rive-a to kiss-a lad-a, now she da-da-dead-da-dead-a
  The Ninki Nanka is a subspecies of the Phasma, which manifested from the M-Brane Realm from the folktales of West Africa. Found in the rivers of the Uncharted Swamplands, this is a ferocious beast measuring fifty feet long; few rival it in size.   The Ninki Nanka has a low body, four clawed limbs, and a neck so long that many mistake it for a swimming python at first glance. Its body is covered in scales, often dark green, that are impossible to pierce by blade. On the top of its head are three horns running vertically from forehead to crown. The beast is able to slink through the depths of the swamp river, practically unnoticed, save for the slight ripples across the water. Its primary diet is fish, birds, and snakes. However, the Ninki Nanka will eat any species that crosses its path.   The Ninki Nanka is the subject of many childhood rhymes and handclaps that reflect adults' warnings. Parents will also threaten children with the Ninki Nanka when they disobey.   How to Defeat a Ninki Nanka   Ninki Nanka do not attack people unless they enter the river where it dwells. Typically, unthinking children find themselves in its clutches, as they may jump into the river without first observing their surroundings. If attacked by a Ninki Nanka, what humans lack in strength, they can make up for in quick wits. The best way to slay this beast is to straddle its neck, where you are in less danger of its teeth, though this is a slight risk of it crushing you with its neck if you do not position yourself correctly. Be sure to keep aware of its claws; though its limbs are short, it may still be able to swipe you. Drive a sword, machete, or other sharp blade through its eye and into its brain.   If you are unable to find purchase on its neck, drive your weapon into its open mouth, at a ninety degree angle. Be warned, if you are not fast enough, you may find yourself without an arm once the battle is complete.   For those who were foolish enough to wander into the Uncharted Swamplands without a weapon -- or those who think a bullet can defend against a Phasma-beast -- your best course of action is to use a rope or thick vine. Wrap it around the Ninki Nanka's neck and hope that it passes out before it can bite your limb off.   Although there are glory hunters who go after the Ninki Nanka for the prize of its scales and horns, we recommend you leave the Ninki Nanka to its natural habitat unless attacked. If you do manage to slay one, however, its meat can provide you with sustenance for many months.
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