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War Address


A declaration of war by the Magyari, leader of Red Swan, against Toll Booth in Test Theater.

Document Structure

Publication Status


The speech was recorded live for the company's members and then posted on the common forum for all to see.

Legal status

Red Swan

The recording remains in the archives, but because of its politically upsetting contents is not often cited by other companies for the prescient it set, nor by future Red Swan CEOs.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Toll Booth

While not totally surprised, enemy leadership was surprised at the speed, and moreover the heavy-handedness, at which Red Swan persecuted the war.

Red Swan Members

The CEO clearly stated the objectives and terms of the conflict for his pilots who followed to the letter.


Conquest of Fortunado

Normally, such declarations of war have been used to establish the legitimacy of military actions, invoke inter-rival laws and customs of warfare.   Controversially, however, the former spy master had astuted that Red Swan simply needed the resources of Fortunado in order to remain on top. While their may have been political grievances for doing so, he focused almost purely on economic reasons in his speech.


War of Fortunes

The war address initiated the start of a grueling multi-month campaign through an underclocked Fortunado under Booth control. It ended with the final stand of Sanctuary which transferred over the Red Swan control.

Decree, Governmental
Digital Recording, Audio


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