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Browser Market


A catalogue of corporations in Test Theater from where stockbrokers and traders can decide to buy and sell securities, such as shares of stock, bonds and other financial instruments.

Document Structure


The companies listed are graded according to the certainty they are able to facilitate processing requests made of them.
Grade A: The best grading available to any Test company that dominates a browser within Test. Shares of this grade are not available to the wider public; only to those with the money and the connections.   Grade B: These are widely circulated securities that represent the ownership of a fraction of the issuing corporation.   Grade C: A common grade sold on the cheap. They are often extremely high risk but can potentially offer extremely high rewards.   Grade D: This is the lowest quality grading earned either because they were discontinued or the organization graduated outside of Test Theater.

Publication Status

The list can be viewed anywhere. It eventually introduced a number of useful features including:
  • automatically tracking volume
  • electronically executing trades
  • interdimensional trading
  • partnering with foreign exchanges
  • Historical Details


    Test Theater

    The browser market is merely a conglomeration of available thetían run services within Test. However, those corporations are also at 'war' with each other. When one company loses control over a node to another, then they possess less processing capabilities, and is thus less valuable.

    Public Reaction

    There is a generally negative connotation due to its close relation to trading stocks. Speculants would buy stakes in a theater company in exchange for the 'calculating time' on their processing servers. A company's processing power is directly related to the amount of territory they control in Test.   Despite the negative association, some up and coming companies like Red Swan and Awarful Coalition understood the market's power. This didn't change the perception overnight, but it did cause investors to take the browsers more seriously.


    The market made people rich. Throughout, it dominated the "Information Processing Industry" and made ground breaking progress in financial markets. It is well thought to be immune to market crashes because the corporations themselves are not profit-motivated.   Rather, its members are obsessively devoted to playing their 'game'; that offering their service is a means of building their real-world infrastructure to continue playing.

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