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"You must learn to feel your ro before you can channel it, Fawkes. To begin, you must first learn to breathe."   "But I already know how to breathe, Grandfather! I can even breathe in my sleep." The boy looked up into the old man's eyes. "How can I learn to feel my ro if I don't know what it is?"   Grandfather heaved out a long sigh. "Try listening this time."
  "Ro is energy found in all living things. The world has it. People, fish, birds, and trees have it.   Some say ro is breath or air, but we claim its the essence of life. Ro powers all we do.   Our sense of calm comes from ro. Our very breathing comes from ro.   But to truly use our ro we must first learn to feel it beyond feeling alive. To do that, we use Boki-ro. "


"Grandfather! Boki-ro is fighting!"   The boy jumped up and kicked. "Hya!"   "That is merely tech --"   "Hya!" Fawkes shouted, spun around, and kicked again.   Grandfather rapped his staff against the floor.   "Sit down and listen!"
"Boki-ro is the path of enlightenment. It begins with controlled breathing techniques to first feel your ro. You then learn to feel the ebb and flow of ro within the world.   Once you can feel ro, you can begin to channel it. As you master boki-ro, you fight and cast spells. You will someday be able to taste the foulness of those who destroy ro for their own fell and unnatural purposes. And through it all, boki-ro will bring you closer to our divine Boki.
"But, before all that can happen, you must learn to feel your ro. This is as simple as feeling alive. It is also complex as you must discover what feeling alive means to YOU. And that is why you must learn to breathe for your ro.   When you can breathe ro, you can learn to combine movement, breath, and ro into one unified purpose. Boki-ro will grow and enhance your ro. And when you have grown your ro enough, you will start to learn the arcane."

Ro And Magic

"Woohoo!" Fawkes jumped up with a cheer. With excited leaps, he ran about the training room. "I get to learn magic! Yay!"   Grandfather rolled his eyes. When his grandson ran by, he reached out and caught the boy's shoulder strap.   "Yes, you do. But you cannot learn if you are running around crowing like a cockerel. Sit back down and listen!"
"Casting magic with ro requires movement.   It also requires intent which is most often expressed by speaking words.   These can be a movement as soft as turning your eye or an intent so hard it's a ringing shout.   Of course this leads to learning a style of fighting as well."
"However, you must be careful when using Boki-ro magic.   Wizards are very protective of their privileged learning.   Learn to softly cast magic to bring as little wizard attention to yourself as possible.   Even in the temples when we pray to Boki, it is wise to be humble with your magic, especially around the priestly ranked clerics.   Humble and discreet is the wisest path to magic and enlightenment."


"Breathe slow, Fawkes."
"As you breathe, feel your heart beat. Follow its echo through your body.   This is your inner drum. Your breath is your tune.   Together, they are your song, your ro."
"Grandfather ... it's beautiful!"

History of Boki-Ro

Boki-ro was first taught to the human crew of the goddess Boki's divine ship, the Desh Honka.   Aboard her ship, she introduced them to their ro then taught them how to use it to enhance their fighting and to even cast spells.When Boki returned to Godsheim, her crew carried on learning through Boki-ro and called themselves the Acolytes of Boki.   In their secluded mountain temple, Old Fane, the acolytes expanded the teachings of Boki and gained even greater enlightenment.A more secret sect formed within the acolytes called The Brethren.   Nowadays, they are discreetly active throughout the world, using their ro to protect the world from those who would use magics in fell ways.

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