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Tongue Flash Chews

"...they offer them on arrival, almost like a welcoming gift to Succeed and believe me when I say I considered it for all of a millisecond. One look at the disgusting blue tongue of my assistant after he decided to partake of the local "custom" proved to me I had made the right choice in refusing. This is something they can keep..."  
— Extract from Travelling To Victory: An Exploration of Victalis System
by Peacekeeper V'Kly


The tongue flash chews were developed on Succeed by a group of Suuu who were born with albinism meaning that their usually blue tongues where white. This loss of colour may seem incidental but prevented them from being able to communicate using Tongue Flashing. This was a substantial impediment to them and their ability to be part of the community.   When the Peacekeepers landed on Succeed, they started using the chews as a way of ingratiating themselves with the population. Since then it has become a tradition for the chews to be offered to offworlders when they arrive on planet, to give them 'the full Suuu experience'.  


The chews are used to turn a person's tongue blue. They have a slightly salty taste but are not designed to be enjoyed. They stain the tongue and often other parts of the mouth the same shade of blue as the Suuu and last for several standard cycles.   The blue tongue is extremely important to the Suuu, as it provides them with a form of long-distance communication. The shade of blue reflects UV light which can be seen by other Suuu from a distance, and can be used to communicate with a language they call Tongue Flashing.

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Culture Suuu, Peacekeeper
Locations Succeed, The Victalis System, Victalis Command, Peacekeeper Territories
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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