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Council of Evil

Even before the official establishment of the Council of Evil, there were times in history when the “evil” nations of the world desired to band together against the forces of “good.” These were alliances of convenience and did not often last far beyond the ultimate defeat of the nation they were trying to crush. They also never included all the nations together.   The Council of Evil was the first time they realized that as a unit they could be strong. It was also the first time they realized that being in a larger group did not necessarily mean they agreed with their neighbors. There were many disagreements and conflicts between them that often spilled over into council meetings, but abandoning the Council of Evil entirely was never an option they entertained.   On occasion there is by necessity a leader elected from out of the members, but this is always a temporary position specifically related to a current issue. Once the issue is resolved, the leader has no authority over the others. This lack of a set superior has on occasion meant that there is great difficulty in reaching consensus, but this is the case in any large group of stubborn people with diverse interests.   The purpose of the Council of Evil, at least as it currently stands, is to ensure that there are not conflicting battles between good and evil that might waste resources. It is a chance for old friends to catch up, as many of the current members are friends. And it is a way of enforcing the Overlord’s Code, in those brief instances where its dictates are not mere planning suggestions but are in fact laws to abide by. And while the Code as it is recorded in this book does not contain any of those specific regulations, they do exist, and no one other than the current leaders of the world know them. And yes, included in this number are those of the good nations, for if their attackers violate these laws, they can plead for help from those of evil.  

Current Membership

  The world is currently balanced, so there are ten members of the Council of Evil.     Below is shown the nature of their relationships with each other.  
Alliance, Generic
Power Structure

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