Lowen-1, a moon in the New Berlin system was largely untouched until colonisation efforts from House Grumman  It became a major settlement for AI after the collapse of The Terran Empire ; soon becoming an independent planet, Celeste, and a member of the The Terran Republic.


The uninhabitable moon Lowen-1 was colonized in 2454 by an AI task force as part of Operation Tardigrade. ADVANCE jointly funded this with help from Technopolis, House Grumman and several corporation.   The Lowen-1 colony, renamed Celeste by the AI community was badly damaged by the Cobalt attack, losing nearly 90% of its population.   Following the collapse of the Terran Empire, New Berlin made Celeste and AI Masterpoint Celeste became fully independent of New Berlin, and formally joined the Republic in 2510  


2510 - Solomon 441
by Viktor Hanh
Planetoid / Moon
Location under


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