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Vel Ath, the Forlorn

“Glory and Glow eh? As iiif. If you can't change things when they start, you can't change them when they're dooone.” Vel Ath, in a drunken stupor.
  Vel Ath is a severely burnt, one-handed Archdemon who fell from grace after he failed to defend Oveny Fortress.   As the talented son of Demon Lord Vel Grao Truthfinder, Ath was destined to become a great general, earning the jealousy of other clans in the process.   In recent conflicts with the rising Fortern Kingdom, the loss of his arm and most of his friends have depressed him. He is now the owner and the bartender at a popular tavern in Tal Shoth's lower district.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Has taken on weight since early retirement. Retained muscle mass. Can still run faster than a Hellion legionnaire. Can arm wrestle left-handed Archdemon without looking too weak.

Facial Features

Badly shaved, no eyelid over the right eye, protuding chin.

Identifying Characteristics

Missing right arm. Severe burns on the right side of the body, arm, neck and face.

Physical quirks


Apparel & Accessories

Black and purple toga, opened right sleeve to reveal his scar.

Mental characteristics


Manus (Hundred-Man leader) of the Empire for Four years. Bracchio (Thousand-Man leader) of the Empire for seven year. Six years serving as General of the Empire. Self-Employed Tavern owner and bartender for the past five years.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Survived eight month with a small unit while under attack from a monster Horde during the Wild Descent (541).   Victorious on the battlefield for five consecutive battles in Forternian skirmishes.

Failures & Embarrassments

Almost killed by General Braise Forja during the Fall of Oveny (551). Lost all of his men and returned unconscious to the Empire as his war-horse carried him away.

Mental Trauma

PTSD, depression. Developped a fear of fire.

Intellectual Characteristics

Well versed in literature such as epic poems and retelling of adventures. Good musician, can play the flute, drums, trumpet and lute. Personnaly selected musicians for his men during war, and for his tavern during retirement.

Morality & Philosophy

Wants to have fun for the rest of his life.


Any fire source larger than a candle. Working at night.


Vel Ath, the Forlorn

former-friend/rival (Important)

Towards Lord-Emperor Fur Paveth "Goldson"



Lord-Emperor Fur Paveth "Goldson"

former-friend/rival (Important)

Towards Vel Ath, the Forlorn




The two Demon studied warfare in the same battle-school. Earning the top spots in the competitions and tests, they strived to surpass each other in many subjects.   During their military years, their assignements positionned them on different ends of the Empire, though they respected each other and occasionnaly reunited to celebrate victories.

Shared Secrets

Ath knows one recent secret about Paveth.

Shared Acquaintances

Vel Grao.

Current Location
Year of Birth
519 AS 38 Years old
Dark brown, downturned.
Raven black. Right part shaved, left part receeding.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark blue.
1,98 m
130 kg
Known Languages
Common Imperial. English. French. Spanish. Menian. Svenk.
Appears in...

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