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General Paradocleth

"How cute. Can I keep it or do you want it back?" Paradocleth laughing with a knife in his side.
  An Archdemon leading the most influential group within the Blood Walkers Marauders. Paradocleth's Blood Feet gang is smaller, but contains the most experienced soldiers.   Once a young and promising Armuth of the Demon Legion, Paradocleth fled the battlefield and chose a life of banditry along with the men under his command. Over the years, he has maintained his position among the Blood-Walkers as a ruling council member. While the organization's structure gives every group leader authority over the complete gang, Paradocleth can be considered the de facto ruler.   A coward at heart, he has gained confidence over the years as a bandit. The criminale life agreed with him more than anything he ever did before, and his personnality became crueler and more twisted as the years passed and his Demonic metamorphosis manifested again.
512 AS 559 AS 47 years old

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