Enlightened One

Those enlightened fools are going to blow my cover one of these days. I can only do so much to keep them quiet without resorting to murder. I'm supposed to be a protector of the citizens, after all, including them. It's a good thing it will take an ungodly amount of pure evidence and effort to both prove and convince the general population of my wrong doings.
    Only a select group of people earn this title. It's not official in any way nor recognized by a majority of the public. It's both a term coined by Agi to refer to those who oppose them and a means of identifying similar folks.    

Broken Veil

  Most of Omari's citizens had their memories wiped at the end of the Era of Strife. Agi did this as a last ditch effort to stop the conflicts. Anyone born after those events wouldn't have altered memories, but they wouldn't have the means to figure out the truth in most cases.   To be considered enlightened is to see through the fog enforced by Agi and their Veil. Most "earned" this title via breaking the memory effects themselves in some way or another and figuring out the truth.   Not every person who is aware of this is an enlightened one. Some folk naturally resisted the memory wipe and went on with their lives not caring one way or another of what happened after. There are people who discover the truth or break the effect on their own and also decide that those matters are too much for them to handle.   Enlightened ones choose action. Not everyone can handle such a weight; some do wish to see things change, but leave the dirty work to these select few. Agi has their hands full maintaining the memory crystals and other illusions. For the time being, the enlightened are working on an extensive information network and hope to one day finally rip open the veil.

Associated Characters

  • Orion Starbreeze
  • Viri Tol the tailor
  • Oloxalim Zexzu
  • Yarfolin Windfoot

  • Cover image: by Krzysiek


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