Orion Starbreeze

"My sweet child has always had a way with music. My heart swells with pride during every performance I am able to attend. When he was younger, I noticed how much Ori took a liking to the various performers we have stop by the castle. I knew he struggled with academics. So when he showed such a great interest in something that truly made him happy, I was more than willing to allow our best bard to take him under her wing. I commissioned a flute carved from only the highest quality purple wood to gift to him upon graduating the bard's college." - Nizana Lomaki, Orion's mother and queen of the Underdark, during an interview.
  Orion Starbreeze, born under the royal Lomaki name, is a dark elf bard from the college of whispers. Before he was famous, he discovered one of Omari's well guarded secrets. This resulted in him being polymorphed into a rat for several years before he found a way to turn back. He tours across all the islands and acquired a large fan base.  

Physical Traits

  Orion stands at an even 5 feet tall and weighs 132lbs. His skin is a dark slate gray. He does not like his naturally light gray hair and dyes it a pastel blue instead. It comes down to his mid back and is usually pulled back in a single braid. His eyes are lavender and almond shaped. There are two small, yellow, hallow star tattoos under the outer corner of each eye. He has a thin face overall and a rounded nose. Despite being a full elf, his ears are shorter than average, but still pointed.   With a fairly average body, Orion doesn't have well defined muscles and a soft tummy. He still has visible top surgery scars due to the much lighter scar tissue compared to his normal skin tone. This no longer bothers him as much as it did during the first year of healing.    

Personality and Style

  Extroverted and friendly, Orion loves being the center of attention. He enjoys entertaining others whether it be performing or hosting parties. Nightclubs and bars are typical spots to find him. Now that he's dating Yatari, he has decreased his amount of clubbing in favor of spending more time with them. They often spend time in coffee shops or parks together.   Orion considers himself to be quite the fashionable elf. He loves flashy outfits and accessories. His standard outfit, for both concerts and daily living, includes lace up knee high boots, short shorts, a crop top, and a cape. Orion owns many capes. He commissions Viri to make him new capes for every occasion and color scheme. These capes sometimes have a random, single word embroidered on the back.   Aside from music, Orion also enjoys dancing, cooking, photography, experimenting with new cocktails, graphic design, and exploring new cities. His favorite foods are shrimp, grilled fish, rice, grapes, and sweet bread. Orion does not like olives, hot weather, being told he has too many capes, math, apples, and wool clothing. He is afraid of deep water and being abandoned.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Trans Male


Year of Birth
797 LE 115 Years old
Current Romantic Partner: Yatari   Parents: Nizana and Yasrena Lomaki  

Original Songs

When he first began, Orion was a cover artist. As he grew more confident with his abilities and creative process, he moved on to writing and performing his own works. His current music portfolio includes:
  • Star Dance
  • Shoot For the Moon
  • Elf's Not Hot
  • Fairy Lights
  • More Than my Scars

Other Businesses

Orion is not just a bard. He owns two businesses, the first one being Cyclone Brews. He owns multiple vineyards, his specialty being the rock grapes native to the Underdark. Once he was sure people enjoyed his wines, and eventually other alcohols, he partnered with some business savvy friends to open his own chain of bars.   Although he has had top surgery, Orion knows the importance of binders for trans folk. He wasn't too happy with the lack of good (and stylish) options currently available. With the help of both Yatari and Viri Tol the tailor, he did research on materials and how to make them as effective and safe as possible. Together they formed Breezy Binds. It is a company that produces high quality binders that come in many patterns and colors. Customers can custom order for any special request and to get them fitted perfect for their body type. Viri offers them through his tailor shop and they distribute pre-sized ones to other clothing outlets across Omari. Orion provides funds from his successful career to ensure that no one should have to pay for their binder.

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