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Decimation of Thorngrove & Tralfangar

In 1500 AG, the dark species were fed up with their pain and enslavement by Luxaz. They rose up in what is known as the Dark Revolt. During this event Frost Giants broke huge sections of ice, snow, an drock off the sides of the Silvervein Mountains and cast them onto Tralfangar, where Luxaz resided.

The Giants and other species were in hopes that tossing down this vast amount of rubble would completely destroy The Black Tower and its master. They didn't worry about the collateral damage caused which was the destruction of Thorngrove and the land around it. Tralfangar and Thorngrove both lay in ruins for over three centuries before being rebuilt by Melafinner.


A massive avalanche which brought down thousands of tons of rock and snow from the Silvervein Mountains to destroy Thorngrove, Tralfangar, and some of the countryside around them.


Thorngrove, Tralfangar, and surrounding area.
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash


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