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Kendarian Silks

Commonly referred to as pris-silk. The silk thread is sold at high prices to anyone who can afford to purchase it. Full fabric is primarily only sold between merchants, though it can be sold to outsiders in very special situations. The reason for this is simple. Buying enough of the thread to weave any significant amount of the fabric could bankrupt a house if it did not sell the fabric immediately.   Kendarian Silks are made and sold exclusively by Kendaria Village. The material for the silk thread is harvested in the forest surrounding the village, but the forest is carefully guarded to prevent anyone from outside the village families even seeing how the material is harvested. Some despite merchants have tried to sneak into the forest to discover how the harvest is done. They were never able to find the harvesters from the village and quickly gave up once they were surrounded by nothing but the ever-present laughing sounds the area is known for. Upon making it back out of the forest, the merchants were found in a panicked state and ranting about being hunted by a laughing beast.   In truth the merchants never found anything because they did not think to look up. Each of the merchants who managed to sneak in wandered under at least one harvesting group high up in the trees. After the first sighting, notice was sent to the guards who tailed the merchants for the rest of their exploration, making sure to make their time as unsettling as possible. Why use force, when your opponent's imagination is a far more effective tool?   The material the merchants were so desperate to locate was the rock moth nests that Kendarian Silk is spun from. While these nests can show up anywhere in the forest, the people of Kendaria Village started cutting away low tree branches and driving the rock moths further up into the trees when merchants first started sneaking around. Their silks are the primary export of the village, and its primary income. Allowing the merchant families to discover how the silk is made and cut the village out of the process would ruin the village. Instead, every step of the process is carefully guarded.   What makes Kendarian Silk so valuable is the natural properties of the rock moth nests they spin the silk thread from. The rock moths feed on the bark of the trees in the region, which grow in very prismem rich soil. The resulting effect is that the nests they spin of webbing they produce are full of tiny flecks of prismem. When the old nests are taken down and spun into thread, these prismem flecks are aligned and function much like larger crystals of the same material. This means that the silk can be infused with elemental energy. Element infused clothing can be made for many purposes, and is extremely useful to have. The cost of such material is well aligned with its function. The most common Kendarian Silks are:     Beyond the secrets of spinning the silk thread, each silk is woven in a different way to bring out the most of the element it is designed to be infused with. This helps to align the prismem and amplify the element once it is infused. There are rumors that Kendaria Village has also designed a silk that amplifies infused Element of the Void, but such silk has never been sold to any merchant and its existence cannot currently be proven.  

Silk Sales

While Kendaria village sells both the silk thread and woven fabric to the Duskarm merchant family, it is usually only the threat that is then sold on the market. The tread is also infused with elemental essence, but to a far lesser degree. Embroidering or sewing with these threads can still provide great benefits to the wearer, but pale in comparison to the full silk. The thread is sold in markets all acros the human nation, but must be carefully wrapped when sold anywhere under the Radiant Disk. Due to the Fading effect, there is not much a market close to Chronwhorl. Within Chronwhorl itself there is a great market due to sales to the six spires of the Order of the Discerning Gaze. The thread is used by the Order for many purposes, including inventions and equipment for the Battle Spire to use when out fighting against Mythics and their dragons.   The merchants of the Shining Roads and the Order have always had an interesting relationship. While the Duskarm merchants do sell the thread to the Order, they only sell the full silks to other merchants within Chronwhorl. Sale and purchase of Kendarian Silks amoung the merchants is a power play and demonstration of wealth. The silks are woven in such a way that they amplify elemental essence to a degree where the Fading effect of being exposed to the Radiant Disk is minimal, and the silks still can retain much of their effects. It is very common to see Chronwhorl merchants who are doing well garbed in at least some Kendarian Silk at all times.

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