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The Forbidden Forest

Trońek Rjad (trɔɲɛk rjad)

The Forbidden Forest (or Trońek Rjad in the local language) spans most of the northern Rojgrasz and is said to barring access to the lost kingdom beyond it.   According to the Nogry Węsz legend, the Dark Lands were once a prosperous region until a demonic swan rose from a lake and cursed the lands, casting them in the form we all know nowadays.   Each kingdom suffered different consequences from the curse. In particular, the northern one became inaccessible. The legend recounts a large forest surrounded the kingdom, with a single paved road that would go through it and reach the capital city on the other side.   Many think the loss of the road for the northern kingdom was due more to contingent causes than the curse itself. For decades after the curse, no one even looked for the road, and when they finally went for it, the lands had changed, and they could not follow the way anymore. Most people think the vegetation completely swallowed the paved road during the centuries, making it impossible to locate it now.   What happened to the northern kingdom and its inhabitants is a topic for speculation.   Going through the forest is deemed to be impossible. Zatjal alńe studying the place from afar said abyssal energies are so strong they have a will of their own, and can bend the space to trap anyone inside.
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You can feel an evil presence when looking at the woods from afar. It is stalking you, waiting for you to enter its realm. It's silent, deadly, but it is not an animal. I don't even know if it's a living thing. Whatever it is, that's neither a thing of this world nor of the spirits' one.
— A Zatjal alńy recounting their experience.

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