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Zatjal (zatjal)

The Spirit Talkers

The Zatjal are a folk living in several villages in the western Dark Lands.   Their villages are among the most prosperous in Nojgrasz.   They are famous for their connection to the spiritual world and their ability to deal with spirits, ghosts and souls. Every person in the village feels a deep connection with these entities, and their alńe are masters in dealing with incorporeal presences, both benevolent and malignant.  


Culture and cultural heritage

Given their closeness with spiritual matters, the Zatjan people are among the most tolerating folks towards magic. They respect the alńe because they are the only ones keeping alive the old tradition of arcane studies in the Dark Lands. Ordinary people are still scared of them but are generally more tolerant of their presence and may not actively avoid them.   The less tense atmosphere allows the alńe to improve their knowledge and pass it on to their apprentices. In some villages, they can even look for gifted children and try to persuade their parents to let them sporadically visit and teach. For some, it is an honour to have the local alńy as a guest in the house.   This open-minded behaviour allowed the mages to further their knowledge. Zatjan alńe are masters in understanding and dealing with spiritual entities, both good and evil. Those few venturing outside their native region are often sought after to handle such problems and situations.   One of their most sought skills is making the spirit berries extract, a jelly extracted from the homonymous fruits. In the Zatjal folklore, it is a traditional offering for spirits, but other people usually look for it as a gift for the cats.

Common Myths and Legends

According to the Dark Swan legend, a demonic creature cursed the once-prosperous western kingdom, making its inhabitants spirits. The Zatjal people, who live in the same region as the old kingdom, feel a deep connection with their ancestors.   They believe the legacy of the old kingdoms lives on through the spirits and the possibility of interacting with them. According to the Zatjan, the End of the Dark prophecy refers to a person of their ethnicity since they are the only ones fully understanding life in Nojgrasz.
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