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Anypa Village (anɨpa)

The Village of Wonders

Trigger Warning
Anyp is a drug. Its effects are very mildly described here.
In a place like the Dark Lands, where any day can be your last one, killed by a demon or by a friend, many find comfort in a non-existing reality. Anyp trance is warm, welcoming. It loves you, and you love it back.
The Anypa Village is located in the southern Rojgrasz. It is renowned for its production and trade of anyp, a mind-altering drug from which it took its name. Some people say the inhabitants were nomadic at first but then settled in the current location when they found they could extract anyp from a plant growing nearby.   Some local theories propose demons and malevolent spirits protect the city to allow for easy access to the drug since broken people are easier targets for their trickery.   Anyp is a drug with dangerous side and long term effects. Stories made up to discourage its use merge with factual observations, making understanding how the drug works harder. It induces a mind-altered state where the person experiences a different reality. Nojgraszian fights for survival become meaningless, and life seems easier.


The village is curiously defenceless, which is very unusual for a settlement in the wilderness. Several theories were proposed to explain how it survives the danger of the Dark Lands without guards or even a palisade.   Some scholars propose it has something to do with its location. The village is halfway between the cities, in a relatively protected position, with the mountains behind in the south and busier roads to the north. If demons want to attack, they can find easier targets closer to the cities or the trade routes.   But other people came up with different theories.   The most common one is that demons and spirits do not attack the city since it is of benefit to them. Anyp's effects are only temporary, and people who consume it want to spend more and more time under its mind-altered state. Some spirits and demons seem to have the ability to communicate with the mind of a person in trance. They would promise to prolong the euphoric state forever, trapping the person's soul in it, in exchange for control over the body.
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