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  As a judge I had a hard time to end up picking favorites for the river challenge but luckily there were the other judges that managed to add some more amazing picks that would otherwise not have made the longlist.   The following articles are some of the articles that I enjoyed reading about the most during the challenge. So in no particular order here are some of my favorite reads for the river challenge!  
An interesting and eerie take on the river concept. Lots of mystery added to it regarding what happens to the people that come near it.
Eccbooks makes some great articles and it was nice to see some of them come together in this entry. Interesting backstory and some cool landmarks!
This was also a nice concept for a river but most of all the layout here was standing out. Also the addition of a food blog was a nice touch.
Well thought out and interesting concept for a river in space! I described a quite imaginative means of travel and has some great potential for stories.
This one has an amazing layout thanks to the river that actually flows through the article. It was very fitting to have each piece of text next to the relevant place at the river.
A river that relies less on fantasy and was a refreshing read due to its interesting location and the explanations of how it came to be.
As a DM myself it is nice to see how other people try to link all realms of the DnD multiverse together. This river was a great way of doing that and well thought out.
I liked reading this article since it focusses on the people living around the river and how the interact with it. Using the sail of a spinosaurus to make your boats more menacing was also a nice bonus!
Great aritcle with some good worldbuilding added to it such as creation myth and rituals. Als the layout was quite nice with the river becoming part of the article.
An article that is written in a more prose style. I liked when george did this during the Bard challenge so I loved to see the return of this way of article writing.
Very cool concept with a river that is guaranteed to cause gigantic destruction in a recurring cycle. It makes for an interesting approach for the people living near it.
A shorter article but still one with a nice layout and great ideas. Also it has a very cute animal living there which is a bonus.
Sadly this one did not get many like but I found it quite interesting. It was well thought out and some cool ideas were present for how the people living around it live with the river.
This canal has a great origin story (who wouldn't appreciate a big fight between gods). As it is also clearly viewable on the map it quickly becomes obvious why it has become so important.
In itself it was a well thought out river but the intersting history of this river really made it stand out.
An underwater river in itself is already a cool idea but with the addition of the entry points it gives some great opportunities for conflict and stories.

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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
30 Jun, 2022 17:12

Oh, cool. Thanks for mentioning my article. And thanks for being a judge. I'm sure that was a hell of a lot of work.

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30 Jun, 2022 19:53

Yours was among my favorites so would be a shame not to shout out :) It sure was a lot of work to go through everything xp

Feel free to check out my River challenge article and my Secrets in the swamp Adventure article if you want to see what I am up to!