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River Arteria

by Hiisikuningas (me)
by Hiisikuningas (me)
River into the pulsing heart of Monarch Jungle. Upon its banks, wars are waged between two tribes of people, unknown to those living behind the grand walls of Kir Vallen. Forming the lifeblood of the savage jungle, and its waters running crimson from the skirmishes waged on its waves, "River Arteria" has ironically earned its name.

The River

River by Hiisikuningas (me)
River Arteria acts as a gateway to the great sea from the heart of the jungles of Phorex Isles. It passes through sandy, open beaches and colorful blushes of the jungle with a rather timid pace, having no steer cliffs or waterfalls among its way. This tranquility is the reason why River Arteria acts as a central hub for those living in the jungle. Both, the tribe known as "Children of the Fishbone King" and the mysterious people who wish to remain under the waves known as "Umanti", wish to claim the rivers waters solely for their own purposes.


Much like the jungle surrounding it, River Arteria is brimming with exotic life. All manner of fish schools, piranhas and colorful plant life fill the calm currents of the river.
Ship of the umanti by Hiisikuningas (me)

When traversing through the river, the rule of thumb is that the closer to the jungles you are, the greater the peril. Smaller schools of fish and coast crabs dwell in the river, near the great estuary where seaweeds and clams are found. The further mainland you go, the greater the predators that linger in the currents. From crocodiles to the gargantuan spinosauruses, another survival tip shared by those who live in the region is to "avoid the spine". This refers to the spines of spinosauruses, as well as the watercrafts created by the umanti which use spino's spines as sails.

Tyrants of the Waterways, The Spinosaurs

Most commonly left alone, these colossal predators dominate the river whenever their hunting season comes around springtime. From those who inhabit the river, only the Umanti are brave and/or foolish enough to go through all of the trouble to bring one of these titans down. The spinosaurs are rarely contested in territory, if not by an unexpected swarm of other dinosaurs or by the conjoined forces of many tribalists from the Children of the Fishbone King.

Dangerous Waters by Hiisikuningas (me)

The Seasons

In the exotic, warm years of Cauldron of Creation there is no winter and therefore River Arteria never freezes or thaws. Warm waters surrounding the Coreflame Island cool slightly near the estuary of the river, where sweet water dances with salt water. This vibrant, brimming ecosystem knows hardship during the monsoon season, when weeks of rain and storm bring havoc all over the jungle and grow the surface of River Arteria momentarily threefold. During this time it is common to see some of the larger carnivores venture out into the shores in search for prey as the river offers enough room for them to feed on sea life.

Two sides of the River

Feud over River Arteria has lasted for some months, between the local tribals of Monach Jungle and the invading aquatic species of the umanti. Both warring with their own, primitive tactics has turned some shores crimson with bloodied sands and has enticed the piranhas to move ever further inland after the scent of flesh. With complex origins and personal intrigue behind each people, their tactics and how they present themselves reveal portions of their background and what the River ultimately means to them.

The Children of the Fishbone King

Tribalist by Hiisikuningas (me)

The Family

A tribe of in-betweeners with their own traditions and values, emphasizing greatly on the importance of family. Supporting their own tribe and lifestyle, the river has always offered enough for the tribe of the Children to make-do and even thrive in the dangerous environment of the jungle. Weighing a healthy dose of self-respect and preservation to avoid the slaving enterprise of the Golden Company, but still not declaring an all-out war like some of the more impulsive tribes, the Children have owned their coastlines for several generations, and they are not about to give them up to these aquatic invaders. Leader of the tribe is recognized by his fierce tattoo on his spine, which is said to weigh his strength and constitution. The tattoo, resembling fishes bones tracks all the way through the spine and it must be taken without a wept tear or a shouted word in order for one to prove themselves the true leader of the tribe.

The River

River Arteria holds an inherent value to the Children, as their whole culture is built around the coastlines of the river. Was it crabbing near the mouth of the ocean, or transporting goods between other tribes of Phorex, River Arteria holds a special place in the heart of the tribe. Even the Children know to avoid the spine of the spinosaurs, and to beware the dangers that lurk beneath the calm surface of the river. Children of the Fishbone King are one of the rare tribes to have expertise around swimming, as they teach their young at a very early age to swim in the river.

The Umanti

Umanti by Hiisikuningas (me)

The Hunters

Mysterious outlanders, whose outer form does not enhance trust in those who see them. A people in a constant run from the ever-increasing amount of the bloodthirsty sahuagin, the umanti are inventive in their survivalism and have taken hunting and slaying underwater predators to its apex. However, reasonings behind their invasions into deeper Phorex may be argued for some of them have given off the impression of running away from prosecution. Little is known of the mysterious culture of the umanti, as life beneath the waves is equally vibrant as it is over them, but lesser witnessed by the ordinary man.

New Home

While the exact reasoning behind the reason why the underwater Umanti wish to invade and conquer River Arteria for their own remains a mystery, one could see the inherent calling of the underwater hunters in seeking prey in the form of plesiosaurs and spinosauruses. In addition to being prosecuted by the monstrous underwater sahuagin, this could give the umanti enough reasoning behind seeing River arteria as a perfect new home for their culture's future. With their pride-filled, foreign ways and their frightening appearance, the umanti are often mistaken and treated with the same modicum of hatred as the mindless sahuagin.

Cauldron of Creation
Texts in the map itself are in Finnish, but descriptors over any markers are presented in English.   A map of the Cauldron of Creation, a primordial location in the heart of Taurua. It is widely believed to be the very birthplace of freefolk's (humans) civilization and is therefore celebrated for its vibrant life and culture of survival.   A video of the painting of the map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7dF9AUl_rg

The Bloody History

As with most things in Phorex Isles, River Arteria too shares a long history of use, misuse and bloodshed. Many times has the river shifted hands between different owners, with the most meaningful transferral being from the hands of the monstrous yuan-ti to their slaves who now populate this island. One landmark among many others, River Arteria perseveres through time as a river under constant preasure.

The First, the Yuan-Ti

by Hiisikuningas (me)
With seven centuries passed since the ancient empire of Phorexia was ruled by the cruel yuan-ti, their presence still lingers over the island with shambling ruins and ancient crypts. River Arteria is no exception to this, as it would seem the yuan-ti had a near-complete control over the river with many river houses and walls, separating different sections of their slave empire on the coasts of River Arteria. With barely any yuan-ti alive under the rule of the Dragani Empire, these overgrown ruins are one of the several reminders of the islands bloodcurdling history.
Video by Meisio
Alternative Name(s)
River Heart
Location under
Spinosaurus facts
Spinosauruses used to live in North Africa, about 93-112 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. Their length was somewhere around 12 to 18 meters and they weighed around 6,5 tons. The spinosaurus was quite possibly the largest predator to ever live on land, even larger than gigantosauruses or carcharodontosauruses. Spinosaurus behavior and voices, as presented in Ark: Survival Evolved. (Video by Terrible Raptor)

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3 May, 2022 17:27

"This article is but a floating wreck among the calm sea, be back at a later date to see the vessel the article has become!"   That might be the best roundabout way of saying WIP I've ever seen!   ----------------------------------------------------------------   Feel free to check out my Rivers/Waterways entry: Loch Mesner

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3 May, 2022 19:23

Thanks, fellow Builder!

13 May, 2022 15:02

As per your global update, I thought I'd leave some feedback. I love that you include original artwork. The Umanti and their boat are super interesting. And spinosaurus? Tell me more!   I don't think your article is stretched too thin. In fact, I think you could delve into more depth with the segments you have. For example, instead of just listing a few animals that live in the waters, you could add images of them or descriptions of the ones that are most important to the surrounding peoples or describe their impact on the river. What happens if a certain population blooms or another is over-fished? Are any species vital to trade? Or perhaps are the primary food source for the Children?   What resources are the people relying on? You touch on this a little, but you could go into more detail. What are they hunting from the river? Is it all for food, or are there perhaps uses for fish skins, snake skins, river otter pelts, etc.?   Some of those descriptions could go in the sidebar if you feel that they are only loosely connected to the river. The sidebar is also a great place to add blocklinks to other related articles, like the Phorex Islands. Personally, I like to include little snippets of info along with those blocklinks, something like, "The Phorex Islands are the home of..." (in that vein, consider adding small descriptions under Design > Excerpt for each article so that when people hover over the link, it pops up with info)   More importantly, why are the tribes fighting? You mention for their own purposes, and I think I gather that the Umanti are trying to edge into the river, while the Children of the Fishbone King want to retain their claim, but this is a little confusing, as you also start to mention other tribes. What is the source of this clash between these two? Is it simply territorial? Do the Umanti come onto land? They have boats, but they also seem to be an underwater species - "Little is known of the mysterious culture of the umanti, as life beneath the waves is equally vibrant as it is over them, but lesser witnessed by the ordinary man" Are the Umanti interrupting trade? Over-fishing? Using up too many resources? (I would try to avoid attributing that to tribalism and instead go into causation.)   I would love to see in-world quotes that give some idea of what individuals feel about the situation and if there are any who disagree with the conflict.   What role does the river play in trade and transport between the various tribes? Do the Children permit trade boats/canoes/whatever through their section of the river? Do they have any trade with the other tribes? Does one tribe perhaps create amazing snake skin ___ while another specializes in ___?   Are there any cultural beliefs or traditions surrounding the river? Songs, folklore, associated deities?

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You have no idea how helpful this comment will prove over time! "Task lists" like this inspire me to great lengths! Thank you for spending the time to write this up <3

Mikael Jokela
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I have updated the article several times now, all thanks to this comment! I will further update the bloodied history of River Arteria soon. Thank you for opening my eyes to certain things that needed refining!

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Ooh, i really like this, regardless of it still being in WIP stages! I think maybe some more information about the history would make it even more interesting. :D

Mikael Jokela
15 May, 2022 20:31

Thank you for your reply! I have dug some further depth to the conflict between the Children and the Umanti, but I have plans in the future for writing about the Rivers equally blood-filled past. Stay tuned for updates!

Time Bender
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Will do! I'll follow the world so I can watch you update these rivers. :D

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River Arteria's history has now been updated with new art! (Both the crocodile picture and the Yuan-ti ruin picture!)

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I really like your art style! I checked out the drawings you added, and they're really consistent with the art you've done for this page. :D Great work!

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I really like this and nice job on the artwork!

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Thank you so much! This challenge has inspired me greatly in revitalising my drawing hobby, and it has been really different from my usual drawings too as the pictures are usually about 5x5cm/10x10cm that are used in this article.

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I too commend adding your own artwork to articles (and in keeping it on-brand, which is even more challenging).

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Congratulations Hiisikuningas for this wonderful article !!. I loved everything about it!, from the amazing artwork and this feeling of danger as you travel across the river and you face more terrible creatures. And as a fan of dinosaurs (with some of them also present my world) the idea of Spinosaurus is simply amazing!. And also the conflicts between the local tribes and the Umanti for the control of that area. A very well deserved like indeed!.

Mikael Jokela
16 May, 2022 17:58

Spinosauruses are THE best, I agree! The article has been updated with some more art and a glimpse of the blood-red history of River Arteria!

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I love the inclusion of the Spinosaurus. Remember hearing it was a coastal dinosaur, suited to waters. Good idea putting them there.

Mikael Jokela
17 May, 2022 08:11

I mean they're so distinct looking for a dinosaur and so large, that I couldn't AVOID putting them in here!

17 May, 2022 11:37

And so mean too.

17 May, 2022 23:39

This is very good! ANd the art is just sooo fitting

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Hyvän näköinen artikkeli! Sun piirrostyyli on tosi kiva, ja eri lajien ja kulttuurien kuvaukset tekee sun maailmasta tosi elävän ^^ Ja umanti(t) taitaa olla ensimmäinen tietoinen vesilaji josta oon lukenut tässä haasteessa!

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Mikael Jokela
23 May, 2022 08:49

Suuret kiitokset palautteesta! Joo, sisällöllisesti Arteria alkaa olemaan valmis, jäljellä enään muotoilua ja asettelua ennen haasteen finaalia.

30 May, 2022 15:58

Really good article! I definitely agree with some of the other comments that expanding on the bloody history section (and the river's history in general) would be interesting, but there's already a lot of other interesting facets to the river too. Also, I love the map!

31 May, 2022 19:33

Ooooh, dangerous dinosaurs in the water! So how do they use their skeletons for ships, find one that died naturally, or hunt one down with an entire army?

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31 May, 2022 20:28

Great article! Especially like the "avoid the spine " being used for bot the spinosaurus and the umanti. Quite a cool way to make their ships more intimidating, like a big "see what we can kill".

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