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River of Bludskelh

The River of Bludskelh is a Wellspring River and believed by most to be one of the most ancient of its kind. Its already existed prior to the Great Sorrow, though exactly how old it is nobody knows, excluding perhaps the Firstborn.
It reaches across all of Alézun'Teran, carving a path through the realms, either exposed to the skies or beneath the stone and dirt. It is both revered and feared and the source of both the strange and terrifying. Whether it is living, unliving or dead.  
— Wellspring Rivers.

Unknown point of origin

Its point of origin — its broken Wellspring — has not yet been found, despite several millennia of effort. Some wonder if whatever can be found at its origin means certain death, or a possibly worse fate. Or maybe it simply cannot be perceived or be remembered by those who discover it. Maybe due to some aspect of the Amnesia Pulse. Most are in agreement, however, that it is somewhere either in the Wilds of Creastvkr or the Plains of Kanzertum; the Realm of Graves.  
— Wellspring Rivers.

Waters of Liquid Reality

Due to its nature of a Wellspring River, the River of Bludskelh is flowing with Sereoth: Reality in liquid form. But due to certain unclear factors, it has become something akin to impure, and thusly it carries with it various effects that are both unique to it, as well as having faint resemblances to other phenomena.  
— Wellspring Rivers.

Crimson Shimmer

Its most noticeable characteristic is that of its faint shimmer of dark crimson that is reflected off its surface; under ordinary circumstances Sereoth is as clear and translucent as clean water.
Its crimson shimmer is suspected to be connected with Amethia; chaos in tangible form. Whether this is true or not, however, is still up in the air. It would certainly explain some of the river's properties, so a majority of scholars accept the theory as truth.  
— Wellspring Rivers.

Shadows dancing

Imaginative pitch-black shadows are said to dance on the crimson shimmer, taking on abstract and horrifying forms that can leave one with nightmares for months. Others say the shadows take on the detailed appearance of people they know or have seen in their lives, though they appear horrified or sorrowful.
And then some swear that they see the shadows of beautiful women with flowing hair and sharp teeth dancing among the more animatic shadows. As if they are more real than the others.  
— Wellspring Rivers.

Transfixing Song

It is said that if you are one of the unfortunate few and wander too close to the River of Bludskelh, you will be able to pick up a melodic feminine vocal choir. One that transfixes your mind and one that is incredibly difficult to resist wandering closer to.
One captured by the song will do everything in its power to wander into crimson waters, even using deadly force against dear comrades and loved ones. In worst cases, they might even attempt to drag others with them in an attempt to make them hear the song as well. Unless they are brought far far away from the river they are considered lost.
What is far more common, however, is for people to hear a faint instrumental melody that merely captures their curiosity and something that can be withstood with enough willpower.  
— Wellspring Rivers.

Blood Thirst

The water of the river is said to taste faintly of salt and metal. It brings out great thirst in all who taste it, who will do their best to consume as much of the primordial waters as possible. But for every sip, they become thirster and thirstier while their body supernaturally dehydrates, as if they had not had any water for days. Unless they quickly receive fresh apple cider with a pinch of cinnamon they will either die or receive a fate worse than death.  
— Wellspring Rivers.

Statues of Bludskelh

One of the fates that may await those who cannot quench their thirst, will find their bodies transmuting into pitch-black statues seemingly made out of ruby crystal. These will only linger for as long as there are people nearby to perceive it; the moment the eyes of the living stop looking upon it, it will melt like an ice statue under a blazing sun and become one with the waters of the river. At least, that is how one of the rumors go.
Nonetheless, the statues of Bludskelh never remain where they came to be for long.  
— Wellspring Rivers.
Wellspring River.
Alternate Names
The River of Blood.
The Shadow Sirens River.
Possible Origin
Wilds of Creastvkr.
Connected To, Forces


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May 4, 2022 05:19 by RandoScorpio

Making the statues melt is such a cool way to make sure they aren't around to alert people to the danger and make sure they're lured to the river! Overall a scary river.

May 4, 2022 05:23 by Lenosallose

Thank you!

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May 5, 2022 10:00

Very mysterious and interesting. I wonder if all of the shadows one can see are actually people who originally turned into those statues and then melted. People are quite fortunate that they found a cure for someone drinking from the river, how did they actually find out tha cider with cinnamon worked?

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Glad to hear ^-^ And, it is a possibility alright. As for the cider, I would like to imagine it was pure happenstance.

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Very spooky and moody. I like the vibe that most of the mystery/dangers of the river are byproducts of Eldritch insanity of the broader world (or at least that was my reading of it).   ----------------------------------------------------------------   Feel free to check out my Rivers/Waterways entry: Loch Mesner

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Eerie indeed! I like how it was written, broken into sections. It's also interesting that the cure for drinking the water is very specific, so I hope people travel with apple cider with a touch of cinnamon when they're anywhere near this river!

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That water sounds like a good way to poison someone, assuming you can resist the temptation. Are deaf people protected, or is it more a mental temptation thing?

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Those are some interesting ideas I had not considered. For the latter, I think they would need to be closer to be affected by the river mentally.

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I love how organized this is! The creepy atmosphere of the river lives up to the odd origin of it. I'd be interested to know more about this supernaturally thirst inducing water. Heads up though, you have a typo in that section with dehydrate. You had written dihydrate. Other than that it looks absolutely wonderful!

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Thank you! Hopefully I will expand upon it in the future ^-^ And thanks regarding the type, will fix it.

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