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Divine Magic

  Divine magic is what really brought freedom to the Humans in ancient time. Many would say it was their prophet Archon himself that was the most important. But I say that what he used the newfound magical resources for that really turned the tide.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Divine magic is currently one of the most used types of magic in the world. This is of course not without reason because the magic allows for easier healing, protection and in some cases even limited resurrection. In all cases divine magic always has a golden colour when cast and often has light particles of the same colour surrounding the spell.  



Ancient Time

  In ancient time the use of Divine magic was not that common as there was only a limited amount of people born with a gift for it. Eventually when Falls of that kind were discovered there was an increase in divine casters, especially among the religious organisations. However, in Farlis and many other areas the Leaf Falls, which had similar healing effects, were much more common. There are also no records about any offensive use of divine magic during this time period.  

Human Use

  The use of divine magic really took off during the Pavan Independence Wars when a large supply of them was discovered. During these wars many new ways to use them were discovered. Humans had far fewer people born with magical abilities, especially of the elemental kind, compared to the Avaronian Empire. They therefore had to find ways to optimalise the resources available to them.   Among the first additional uses that were discovered was the superb protection that divine magic could provide. Not only could it give additional protection to the fighters, it could also be used to nullify magic. This lead to anti magic fields which effectively limited the things the Elves could do to them. Later on divine magic was even used offensively. With beams of divine light they could destroy their enemies.   When the Humans regained their freedom the use of divine magic only increased within their territories. The Elves did eventually adapt some of the same techniques but not to the same degree. Today the use of divine magic is still the most common among Humans and especially the Pavan Empire who's armies are powered by it.

Divine Falls

  Divine Magic can either be gained at birth or by the use of the Falls of the same name. Those who gain these abilities with Divine Falls is far more common than those who have a magical gift for it.   Most of these Falls are mined in Human lands and heavily used by the various religious organisations there. The largest supply is believed to be in the hands of the Archonic Order. Divine Falls proved to be an important resource during the Pavan Independence Wars after Archon discovered a gigantic amount of them.  
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  The oldest known use for divine magic was to heal the wounded and sick. Non magical medicines still exist today for those who can't afford it but everyone knows that magical healing is the fastes and most effective. In this regard there is a bit of a competition between divine and nature magic. Although both can perform healing there are some slight differences in the way it done.   Nature magic uses the bodies natural abilties to the full extend to hasten the healing process. Divine healing on the other hand conjures golden light from the celestial realms of Nervonia to hasten it.  

Enhancement and Protection

  When it comes to enhancing the abilities from people both divine magic and nature magic have their own ways. Divine magic tries to use the power bestowed from the celestial realms to shortly grant new powers.   When it comes to protection, however, their is no real nature magic equivalent. Divine magic really excels in protection people from physical and magical harm. This can either be for a single person or multiple. More advanced casters are even able to create larger barriers that prevent magic or unwanted creatures from entering.    


  Only those with knowledge of divine magic are capable of any real divination, no matter what a charlatan might tell you. Although it is quite difficult to get any real straight answers from the celestial realms, it can help give some insight in the questions that are asked. Some very experienced caster claim they can speak to a deity or its angels directly but there has so far been no proof of that.  


  Most of the offensive abilties of divine magic are based around divine light and energy that is conjured from the celestial realms. This energy can manifest itself as radiant beams of light or sacred fire. In all cases it can deal quite a punch and has proven especially effective against undead.  
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