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Mareclar Curse

It is sad to see how an unfortunate encounter can rob a person of themselves wheater it is a human, dwarf or demon.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Many fear the Mareclar for its appearance and as an omen but there are far worse complications from meeting one. The curse that one gets from being bitten and surviving could be considered a far worse fate. Why Nimenra has these monstrous and frightful things can only nature explain, or the Gods. The case for the one who is afflicted by the Mareclar Curse is that they might have little time to live or eternity wandering in fear.

Fate of a survivor

It is rare for someone to actually survive an attack from a Mareclar. Their teeth are more likely to kill where you stand or lie than to leave you alive. When the dust settles one is to take note of the bitemark for the coming days to know if the Mareclar still did not finish its job despite it leaving its victim alive.
The typical symptoms of the Mareclar Curse becomes apparent a day later when the area around the bitemark turns black-blue like the night. Pain will begin to manifest afterwards as if the discovery allows the brain to finally realise the danger. Soon afterwards, within three days, other symptoms will appear, most
common are numbness, sleep deprivation and restlessness. As it continues into the first month the afflicted will feel less and less comfortable out in the sun for short periods of time. At this point, however, one can also show signs of losing their life, continuous tiredness, malnourished appearance and as a consequence feeling the pain and misery from the curse, death.
People who do not suffer this fate lives on as they gain the malnourished appearance under a
It no longer hurts... I... I don't feel my arm at all. But I don't even know if I can move it. And I... I see nothing except the darkness of the night.
— Woman afflicted by the Mareclar Curse
much longer time, in between one to two months. During this time also comes the loss of sight, slowly etching closer towards the centre of vision until your vision is like seeing through nighttime even during the day, and it all ends with complete loss of vision within the same week. By this time the affected will have a loss of function, numbness or muscle usage, in the area around the original wound with black lines stretching from it. Most at this time will feel pain flaring up from time to time in the head as continuous migraines that can range from hours to even days. Few survive to this stage, having died from the pain or the body fighting itself to heal the wound. The few who do now has a complete loss of vision that is not restorable. The survivors of this call it "as if wandering in a dark-blue night, it is not the same darkness as one normally close their eyes".
Short-term or Long term, chronic
Affected Species

Condemed to the Night?

While a "survivor" of the curse can be taken care of, many tend to avoid them due to the black marking that the wound leaves on the body. Mareclar are also known omen bringers according to myth and legends tell of the people marked by the curse can bring bad luck. The belife is at it strongest in Telamirein where the Mareclar dosen't even exist and is more of a legend itself compared to the people in Marlun who has a real chance of seeing it. There are also reports of the afflicted being able to "see" again in a new way. No scholar as for sure comfirmed it, but what can be brought out from a curse like this is speculative at the best.

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