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I have walked the streets of Halferyd and I remark upon how the Orfordsmen left their homelands to build a completely new settlement so close to their enemy. It is not the defyance I am referring to, but the fact that they moved in to spite their former overlord by intruding on what were their lands.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Orfordwhelm's capital is not located in their ancient homelands like many other countries. Instead it is located on their adopted homelands on the northern side of Vieavon. Halferyd, "Safe from fated enemy", is a grand city counstructed out of the burning embers of independance that Orfordwhelm's people fought for. The capital houses the Chief-king's family and he rules undisputed over it and his country. As the largest of the settlements in eastern Telamirein, much of the commerce flow through the city, even if most is forced...


Orfordsmen have built the city and is the main ethnic group of all the people living there. The second major group is "Southerners" as they are called by Orforidans, Rowians, Tyliwans and Leonerians. Kyrians are not allowed to live in the city still. A small district built by dwarves who escaped the The Great Quakes was founded in 1925 V.D. with permission from the Chief-king.
Many work the fields outside the city but mainly goods and services in the various districts. Shoemakers, blacksmiths, bakeries and weavers all work in various corners of their homes to make their living. Many goods go to the military, which also has its headquarters and one of the largest training fields in Orfordwhelm. With the main export being military goods and crafts, it supplies many locations across the country. The dwarven smiths and traders, however, tend to stay away from that business ever since Orfordwhelm implemented extra taxation on their goods.


The monarch and leader of Orfordwhelm, the Chief-king, rules the city. From his castle on the highest elevation in the city his rule extends over the area surrounding the settlement to the northern side of Vieavon in the south and Morning hills in the north. He has a appointed bailif of the city that does the everyday small activites and represents the chief-king when he is unavaiable to deal judgment. The chief-king more or less controlls the city with his warriors acting as guardsmen and officials, with the little of what would be called Orfordian nobility housing higher military and political positions.


Three layers of stone walls defend the city from attackers. The first wall was built when the settlement was founded and encompasses the garrison, castle and military facilities needed to withstand a siege for a year. The second wall was built some 200 years later when the city had grown enough to house 15 000 people. This wall was built shorter compared to the now inner one. Many of the upper wealthy class live in this second ring in addition to offering several blacksmiths and various services. The second wall also has a water-filled moat from which the waters come from the Trapp River. The third wall is the most recent and was built only 300 years ago when the city felt its need to protect the people after a revolt came dangerously close to successfully attacking the capital. This wall represents the outer defence, with many of the garrisoned troops housed inside the walls. Guard posts are also built into the walls for people to find the guards easier. It is built with some protrusion, creating four small triangular "corners" in the middle of each wall segment. The wall also has the most towers, with five standing tall on each side.
Founding Date
150.000 (ca. 200 Dwarves)
Inhabitant Demonym
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