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Yes, the home of the red Willowtree. A large town of red tree buildings and smiling people but also the faint feeling of constant dread and fear for the Orfordians that stands guard and have a large army complex in the town. I would dare to say that there is a trace of bitterness among the Rowinians even 650 years after they were subjugated...
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
A town divided by a canal and flowing trade, Brinnia is the former capital of Willrowia that since has become one of the larger towns of its subjugators and owners, Orfordsmen. Known most for the large Willowtree called Red Hallowed, it has become a large trading hub for both the south eastern parts of Telamirein and for trade going west to east by The Grey Road.


Brinnia is a walled town but since it was a capital it has outgrown its size. The first wall that was built was around the tree called Red Hallowed to protect it from invaders. This wall has become houses and part of Fenrir Temple. The second wall of stone and mortar was built with the help of Leonerd after the previous second wooden wall was almost completely destroyed by a previous Orfordian invasion. This protected the settlement up until its fall in 1883 when the tower finally was taken and the royal family imprisoned.
The main keep that once was on top of the hill in town have become more a residence than an actual fortification. It was the home to the royal family until they were captured and by then it fell into decay on purpose from the Orfordians. Later the Earls of Rowia made it into a house on top of the hill for their administration and personal home.
Alternative Name(s)
Willow Town, Samaroux {Sa:mæroʊks} (by Leonerd)
Large town
40 000 (700 Dwarfs)
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Industry and Trade

Once known for being a pilgrimage ending point for many worshippers of Rhyn, it also has always been a trade town. Many goods travel through to move along the Grey Road to the western part of Telamirein. Many traders have settled to create a vibrant community of goods handlers, transport companies, wood crafters and agricultural products from the outside. Most important are the wood crafters that have over the years become a strong presence due to their connection to the priesthood of Rhyn in the town. This has made trading tree valuable from the Forest of Telamirein and much trade from the north is made in this commodity. While self-sustained in food mostly due to the fertile plains to the south and east, much food comes to the town for the increased prices that are available up north.
While weapons trade is considered a controlled market in town by Orfordwhelm, there are several blacksmiths in the town, especially dwarven, that creates and sells weapons and armour to others besides the army. This black market in weapons has over the years been used as a beating stick on the population by the Orfordian leaders and nobility.
The religious industry, as noted, is large but since Orfordwhelm took over the dedication to Rhyn has slowly faded. This is due to the restrictions of worship that were put in place and never have been lifted since. While Rhyn and the rest of the The Eight Pantheons are allowed, the Cult of Orios has taken its time to grow in size among the population. This has made the four temples to Rhyn weaker but more solidified as an opponent to the Orfordians. Religious items made in town and blessed by Rhyn's priests are sought-after due to the presence of Red Hallowed in the town.

Natural Resources

Fish has always been a staple food for the town due to the river that flows through bu much grain and other edible plants grow outside the walls. While food has never been a problem for the town, other resources usually to travel long distances to be used. Except for wood as a forest has grown close by, that has over time moved further and further away.

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