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Antony Dao

Antony Itya Dao

Antony Dao is the fourth child and second son of Midyo and Bwanityawa Dao. As the child of conservative Een parents, he held fast to his father's religious ideals. A middle-class picture framer by trade, Midyo whole-heartedly supported the ever more conservative government of Diamondheart, in which he hoped to one day see his older son, Edat, installed. Five years older than Antony, Edat was known for his academic excellence and speaking skills. At 17, however, Edat was caught at a meeting of rebels who sought to take down the government. Edat fled and hid, hoping his family would protect him, but his father turned Edat over to the Diamondheart police, and the older boy was imprisoned. From then on, Antony not only held the weight of his father's previous goals for Edat, but also to right his family's reputation.   Fortunately, Antony had skills of his own. At age six, he began to show an affinity for fire magic, after which his parents enrolled him in the best magic schools available. He soon began to show an aptitude for magic in general, and his teachers encouraged him to apply to Faraday Academy of Magic in Nefrale. Antony was accepted and began classes at the age of 14, notably taking both firecasting and windcasting classes in his first year. In his windcasting class, he met Cadolina Todetse and developed a strong rapport with his teacher, Mrs. Theelnin, the head of Providence House. During this time, he also met and began dating Jo Lumo, and Alajan follower of the Danos faith he hoped to one day convert. At the end of his freshman year, Antony was tapped for Providence House and continued to study weather magics with Mrs. Theelnin, who selected him to be both her student aide and a student head in Victoria House his senior year.   Spoilers for Natural Magic.
During his junior year, a Shax'ia priest came by to hand-deliver applications for two new students. Curious, he convinced another student, Charlie Newman, to help him break into Mrs. Theelnin's filing cabinet, where he knew the applications were kept. Using Theelnin's keys while she was out of the room, Antony and Charlie found the applications of Key Truuit and Matsias Beleed, including information about Mat's Pelan identity. Believing, like many, in Diamondheart, that the Pelan had cruel intentions for other peoples, he was offended that his beloved school would admit one. Antony sought Mat out at the beginning of the year spending excessive amounts of time with him, subsequently leading Mat to poor health. Antony hoped either that Mat would slip about his identity or his academics would drop to a level that would force him to leave Faraday.   When Mat approached Antony for advice about bad dreams, Antony hinted that Mat should try dangerous dream magic, in the hope that this would result in Mat's expulsion. It almost worked, except Mat's roommate Bontoreed Gorrigbolid intervened on Mat's behalf, convincing the staff to put him on probation. Not long after, two other freshmen, Tilitsitane Todetse and Miriam Lumo set Antony and Jo up for punishment in a similar way. During a meeting with Mrs. Putyam, head of Victoria House, Antony angrily admitted to the way he had treated Mat. This led to his also being put on probation, as well as the revocation of his position as house head. Furthermore, Jo broke up with him.   Though Antony remains at Faraday until his graduation, any further rule-breaking is likely to lead to his dismissal. Nevertheless, he hopes to return to Diamondheart and pursue a political position, as his father had once hoped for his brother
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Date of Birth
7 Bent
Year of Birth
1945 17 Years old
Ocit, Diamondheart
red, ear length, thick
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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