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Nei̯ Huyoishor

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Welcome to Nei̯ Huyoishor, home of the peoples who are called Soi̯ngan. Currently the history of Nei̯ Huyoishor has yet to be discovered, but a general idea is in place. Over the next month, there will be a lot of development and discovery as this particular world is the candidate for Summer Camp 2023.   A few disclaimers:   This world has been in my mind for a while. It is being fleshed out from the beginnings for an RPG supplement that I made quite some time ago. The base system that it is for is called Slayers, and while neither is required for what is being created here... background is there for all things.   I am no CSS weezard Harry, this means that most of my pages will be rather plain.   Words and maps made by me.   All artwork is currently AI-generated.