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Mental characteristics

Personal history

Little is known of Lekot's personal life before The Purge of Muxter, although it is known that across the empire, the Stenza's religion was at least widely understood in very general terms. Therefore, before the Purge, and the subsequent attack which led to his famous conversion, it is barely a stretch to say that he was at least tangentially aware of Lan'tha in Her capacity as a bringer of destruction.   Roughly a week before the Purge, he reports feeling a strong pull toward Lan'tha, and when he was caught unawares in his home during the Stenza's campaign through Mundeen suburbs, he was in the middle of praying to Her for guidance on the subject. The common account goes that the Stenza were shocked to hear a Muxteran pray to Lan'tha first for generic guidance or clarification, and then switch to protection and swearing service if the Stenza let him live. The soldiers reported the incident to their officers but were too perplexed to kill him outright. When the officers sent a team to investigate, including the Third and Fourth Officers of the unit to which the initial soldiers belonged, Lekot had fled into nearby hills.   Lekot has lived in those hills ever since, pushing deeper and deeper into the wilderness as other Muxterans fled the Stenza's Purge. Other Muxterans obligingly avoid him, as well, when they work out where he is currently hiding. He lives as a religious hermit, endeavoring to maintain a good relationship with Lan'tha as initially promised and surreptitiously researching what this entails during his very rare ventures from his isolated hideout. Other Muxterans regard, and openly discuss, Lekot as a lunatic wild man deliberately isolating from society after a traumatic experience with hostile invaders. He is generally given a wide berth as such, and some are superstitious enough to suspect that the Stenza's "patron Goddess" would incinerate them for getting too close.


Religious Views

The most widely-known fact about Lekot is his conversion to exclusive worship of Lan'tha, to whom he has committed much of his life and consequently relocated to the wilderness in order to more properly focus on his religious duties as he perceives them.
Current Residence
Muxter Wilderness
Other Affiliations


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