Roiling Boiler

"Have you awoken in the night to frosty toes and shivers?   Have you found yourself wondering if your expensive piping in your house is about to burst?   Look no further than the Roiling Boiler! Housing just a few of the oddly cute Inferni, they can get chugging away to giving you the warmest home on the block. Sure, the price can be a bit high on a first glance but it equals out to copper pieces a day compared to the silver pieces of coal."


The Roiling Boiler is used as most boilers are. They are used to keep manors and medium to large sized buildings warm through the cold months. There are some that have tried to apply it to airships to heat them for upper class patrons but the sheer heaviness of the boilers and odd combustibility of Domaris has made them an ill-advised addition to airships.

Social Impact

As the Roiling Boiler has started to pop up in many of the social circles of Moudon, many have begun to do away from the use of coal to heat their homes. This has led to better air quality in most cities and towns. It has also led to a large switch in the economic powerhouses as the biologics sector pulls ahead of a dying coal sector that thought they could sway the tide of civilization by dictating the price of energy.
This product is actually a creation of Saji Nourip and the original crew Limitless Biologics. It has been in production for fifteen years now and has seen many transformations as it has been made more efficient and streamline over the years.
Access & Availability
Though traditionally only seen in the homes and spaces of the rich and influential, the process of making the inferni has been all but perfected. This has allowed Inferni and the Roiling Boiler's availability and affordablity expand. There are now Roiling Boilers found in multi-dwelling buildings as well as the homes of the staedily growing middle class.   The Roiling Boiler is 1000 GP for the unit.
As far as biologics based technology goes, the Roiling Boiler is fairly simple. It requires four to seven Inferni, which live for two years when used consistently. Their enclosure is hooked up to a series of fans powered by glyphs triggered by the heat of the Inferni themselves to push the warmth through piping set-up around the building to deliver even heating to homes and buildings.
Created by Limitless Biologics after the creation of their Inferni, the Roiling Boiler was one of the first products created as a means of harnessing the inferni's heat in a productive way. It started with the development of the inferni cages, made of cast-iron coated in a admantine/cold-stone alloy which could then be used to store the inferni in a stable way. Expanding out the idea of the cage and using some of the engineering structure of a more traditional coal boiler.
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12 Jan, 2022 20:24

It sounds like the cost of this averages out to 500 a year to maintain the Inferni alone, and that's before maintenance. I'm sure the cost fluctuates depending on how large a space they're meant to hold. How hard is it to ascertain repairs for the Roiling Boiler? How do I know that a maintenance issue for it wont cause the Inferni to get out and start a fire?   This is a really cool piece of tech, and I love that it shows the way the setting is embracing this new, strange technology as if pivots away from the more traditional resources that we, the reader, are used to. It really adds to the otherworldliness of the setting, which is the whole point of a good tech article in my opinion!   Great work!

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Ah, thank you for reaching out to customer support with such a valid set of questions. All Limitless Biologics products can be maintained by an authorized Limitless Technician which we offer for in-home (or in-facility) repairs and check-ups. They are experts in their field, with at least 100 hours of practical experience. We do not suggest nor do we continue warranties for individuals who wish to attempt at repairing the devices, enclosures or hybrids themselves. Please go to your nearest Limitless Shop to book an appointment for a technician or reach out to us by vox stone.