A genetically and magically created hybrid that was first created by Limitless Biologics. It is a cross of three different creatures to create a molten-looking slug whose temperature is easy to deal with but can produce heating for rooms, beds, ovens, and specific commercial applications. It is a cross of a fire elemental, magus snail (similar to a flail snail), and gelatinous ooze. The means by which this hybrid was created is proprietary in nature.   This species is one of the first ones created by Limitless Biologics and is one of the most stable in their repertoire. It was research on them that led to the creation of the Aquarins. While they had started out as something only seen in ultra-rich circles. Now they are readily seen even in some low-income situations as they can be used to heat a set of rowhouses for cheaper than coal or magic over time. It is not considered sapient by Moudon's current laws.

Basic Information


Similar to a slug, the Inferni are gastropods with a partial internal shell. They have a translucent mantle that has a slight amber glow. They possess lower tentacles for taste and touch but lack upper tentacles for smell and 'sight'. Instead there are shorter upper tentacles that sense and gather latent magic in the air. They have semi-transparent keels, feet and skirts.

Biological Traits

There are no discernable genders as the inferni lack gonads but there are some, referred to as Hot Spring Inferni that have a more purplish hue to them and are used for more specific applications in Moudon and Limitless' business. These ones live longer than the traditionally seen inferni.

Genetics and Reproduction

They lack gonopore, meaning that they are not able to reproduce, leading to questions about how Limitless is able to create Inferni en masse.   Seemingly, inferni must be created from scratch every time.
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In reality, the inferni actually created through a specially created crucible used to make a slurry of the individual components that are then distilled through a complicated alembic that creates young slugs from each distilled drop, they then cannabilize until they create an adult sized inferni

Ecology and Habitats

Inferni do not generally fare overly well in the wilds. Magic can only sustain them so far but also they appear to have some structurally or genetically created failsafe that prevents them from living outside of proprietary Inferni Cages. These cages are cast iron reinforced with an admantine/cold-stone alloy plating. They must be feed for and cared for by their owners or Limitless technicians to live their full life span. They do require access to proper venting or at least twice daily exposure to open air.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Inferni require at least once monthly feeding of flammable material. The better the quality of food is the longer the Inferni can go without eating. Once food is added to the cage it is usually consumed over the course of one to two minutes regardless of the amount of food. The radulla, mouth, opens to let out an all consuming flame as the Inferni tries to gobble down the food as quickly as possible. They can be quite territorial with food, leaving their personal slime trails over food and the area around it when multiples share one cage.   If not fed for a prolonged period of time they will eventually combust creating a one time burst of enormous heat that has been the source of a couple large fires.

Biological Cycle

As mentioned before, the early biological cycle of the Inferni is proprietary and not well known by the public. The adult and later life is well detailed in the Limitless Inferni Care Manual.   The inferni are quite insular beings, spending their whole adult lives in Inferni Cages. They will often live relatively unchanged for 1 to 4 years but do eventually grow colder. Their mantles cease to glow and slime production lowers as their girth also thins out. The internal shell also becomes more opaque but opalescent. This has led to some of the rich keeping them as ornamental pets of sorts. In their last stages of life their movements grow glacial and their bodies go dark and look like cooled magma. They lastly go hard as stone and after a day their corpses then turn to ash on contact or with enough wind.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Inferni are exclusively created for and maintained for Limitless Biologics products. 1 Inferni costs 250 GP, a set of five cost 1000 GP. Commercially, they are used for the Roiling Boiler, Hot-Spring Tub, and the Better Bedder. They can also be used in conjunction with the Mini Domaris for Temperate Influencer.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

There is no natural distribution for this creature.

Average Intelligence

Considered to be largely mindless, possessing a reticular formation at best for basic biological functions.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The inferni's upper tentacles are a aspect of marvel which they inherit from the magus snail. It allows the inferni to be drawn to places of magic, naturally present in the world. They also allow them to feed in a limited sense even if they are not being tended to properly for a time. Their sense of taste and touch from the lower tentacles is believed to be somewhat muted as they will eat what is given to them equally as greedily no matter the quality but the two may not be related.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Gastropoda praecantatios infernii
2 years
Average Weight
20-30 kgs
Average Length
0.3-0.5 metres
Discovered by
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22 Jan, 2022 21:06

Great idea with these hybrids. Everyone has heard of alchemical chimeras, but to design them "instead" bioalchemically in a quasi [spoiler] process is something you have to come up with first. I also think it's great how you can write something that is actually so fantastic in such a trivial way and make it work: A great way to give your own world its own colour. And the world still has a few deeper levels, if you also read the drain or the plot. Thanks for the article and the insights. Btw, the use of the gems instead of glass is also very imaginative.

24 Jan, 2022 22:18

Thank you so much for all of your feedback! I have so much more to explore with the idea of bioalchemy and to refine with it. I want to continue to flesh out a bit more of the science and magic behind it without quite going into a deep dive into cell biology (biochemistry and genetics, as well) and reinventing all of 5e magic for the process. I will likely end up eventually going there too but in time. Getting comments like this made me realize that I am at least on the right track with the story and the world. I want to have parts that make the reader feel like it is both fantastical and real enough to imagine being in it as a daily citizen.   Thank you again for taking the time to read and I promise I will read more of yours too. German is not a language but I know but I remember that I read a translated article of yours and I was very interested.