Year-round transport

The wagon-sleigh could be seen on the horizon. It was so slow that you didn't even notice it getting bigger. It looked as if they'd stopped and had come to a standstill.
  Wagon-sleighs, also commonly known as snow-wagon, is a type of vehicle seen in abundance in the cold and snowy area of Halivaara.  
Halivaara has snow year-round, except for one months' time at the height of summer, which makes the wagon-sleigh the optimal way of transporting 11 months of the year. The transport-sleighs aren't made for high speed nor for steep slopes. Relatively flat areas are ideal when using this type of vehicle. This is due to the possibility of the sleigh increasing or decreasing in speed when on a slope, which can be dangerous or challenging for the Northern White-Wolves who are dragging the wagon.
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Common (in Halivaara)
Unseen (rest of the world)
5,5 m
Cart: 2,5 m
Entire: 3,75 m
Complement / Crew
2-3 Northern White-Wolf
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
8 - 10 passengers

History of the Wolf-sleds

Wolf with saddle
by Ninne124
  The wagon-sleds are usually drawn by Northern White-Wolves, a species of wolf which is unique to the Halivaara area. The northern area has no horses naturally, and there are very few horses living there in captivity.   When the Treil first came to the area, they were carrying all their belongings themselves while wandering through the cold and unwelcoming wasteland.   The vehicles they had were generally carts and other small options, which they had to drag along themselves. This greatly limited the number of items that could be transported at the same time. Wheels were highly inefficient, so they ended up using runners, similar to giant skees.   Over time, the Halivaarans managed to domesticate the wolves that already lived there. This gave them options for bigger transport vehicles, as they now didn't have to man them themselves.
  The first many versions were still quite small, until the wagon-sleighs, which would be dragged by 2-3 wolves. It could also hold up to 10 passengers, depending on their weight of course. There is also space in the wagons made specifically for storage. One can find compartments, accessible from the outside, under the seats that are all against the outer walls.

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