The feather from an alnite had just floated down from the heavens. The villagers stood gathered around the elderly man who held it. Whispers of excitement could be heard in the crowd. "Maybe the harvest will be better this year!" one exclaimed, "or old Harju will get better!" another said.
  The alnite is a white bird who lives in the forest, it is known to bring good fortune. Just seeing the bird is a miracle in itself as it lives deep in the forest, but a feather from it is said to have all kinds of magical powers.

The bird got it's reputation from a myth, one of the most well known in the entire world. It is about a little sick girl, doomed to die by a mysterious illness no one has been able to cure. Not even with magic. It is said that her father took her in his arms one night when the doctors said she wouldn't live to see the morning. He carried her to the edge of the forest to find her favorite place; a fallen tree they had made into a hideout together. She was so weak that she couldn't even open her eyes, the only sign that she was still alive was sound of her breathing.

As the father came to the tree, a Alnite sat upon it. It looked at them shortly and as it flew, a single white feather fell down from the sky. The feather landed on the girls forehead, and in the same moment she opened her eyes once again. The father was so happy, he ran back to the village with his daughter still in his arms. The doctors were baffled, the girl was no longer sick.


There actually is some truth to the myth. Alnites are magical birds, they have easier access to magic from nature than other animals do. The feather is a way to transfer magic, it is the Alnite's version of a spell, the way it focuses its magic. But a feather in itself is not magic. It will only do something if the bird chose it.

It is pretty rare to see an Alnite do magic for the benefit of anyone else than itself and it's kin, the magic is it's way to survive the deep forests were animals such as the Onogeci roam. Doing magic for others takes a lot of energy for the bird, and if it isn't careful, it could be so exhausted that it faints. This is extremely dangerous as it could be attacked.

Scientific Name
Alba Avem
15 years

37 cm


Morlea (forests)

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