Wishholders are a common religious item found around Gérouns, either in their private room or on them if they are traveling.  
Dear Nelandra,   I wish for my mother to have safe travel to our home. May you watch over her and keep her out of harm’s way.   Vinnien plente.


Wishholders are very personal items dear to Nelandrean worshipers. Just like their names imply it, people put their wishes on it in the hope that they will be granted. Worshipers either write it down on a piece of paper if they can, or will ask the local dove to do it for them.   Wishes can be left on the holder as long as their owner wants, generally as long as the wish is still relevant. It is considered extremely rude to read someone else’s wishes without permission. Whenever a dove writes someone else’s, they have a sacred obligation to keep the content secret unless told otherwise.   In some cases, especially for travelers, wishholders can also serve as a portable Nelandrean Altar.  


Wishholders come in many forms. At their simplest, they are a 30 centimeters-high and wide wooden cross where folded papers are hanged. The wealthiest often have ornated ones, made in beautiful materials, even like gold or marble for nobles.   Regardless of social status, children are often given one when they enter childhood and are aware of the world around them.   When a family settles down in a home, they sometimes get a family wishholder, where they hang papers wishing good fortune on family matters. It is generally okay to look at the wishes hanging there, as they tend to be public to the family anyway.   The same also happens in a city-wide scale, with public wishholders generally next to Nelandrean Altars. They are used by citizens willing to put public wishes about the subject of their choices, by poor people who cannot afford one or travelers of any kind.

Nelandrean custom

Gérouns never like to see foreign species using their public wishholders, as it can be quite tempting from a tourist’s perspective. Nelandreans take this custom very seriously in a religious way, and despise seeing people doing it “for fun.”   Whenever they see someone doing it, they will usually reach out to that person and tell them, nicely or not, to take off their wish unless they are Nelandreans as well.   Some Humans or Morknars who were born in Menicea joined the cult and often face difficulties to worship outside of Irisport, as foreign worshipers are quite uncommon there. Gérouns are very defensive of their culture and religion and often fail to understand that people from other species were born on their continent and identify as Meniceans as well.

Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
700g - Several kgs depending on the usage
S: 30x20cm | M:100x50cm | L: Several meters
I am getting bad looks all the time. Gérouns see my feathers and my beak, so they immediately assume that I am a foreigner while I was actually born here. I worship Nelandra and Menicea is my home, I want to pay my respects like any Nelandrean would do. Sometimes people are understanding and let me worship after I explain, but sometimes they get angry and send me away.
— Low-Morknar testimony

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