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Menicean Nobility

Nobles are essential to Menicean society, as their titles do not only bring wealth and privileges. They are entrusted with important matters such as international commerce, managing cities, and army divisions.  

Becoming noble

Everyone can become noble in Menicea, as long as they are Gerouns. All one needs to do is to prove themselves useful, capable, and devoted to the kingdom and its subjects. Whenever someone meeting these requirements is noticed by the Royal Council, their ennoblement will be discussed at one of the following meetings. If the council approves the decision, the candidate will be summoned to a ceremony for their promotion.   This meritocracy was one of the first philosophies established at the beginning of the Golden Age.   Nobles can be easily identified by the way people call them. Being a member of the Menicean nobility adds a particle between the first and last name of someone : Glen.  


Noble mission

  The Mission is a noble family's primary purpose. Each one of them receives a given task during their ennoblement that relates to their initial field of expertise. Merchants will be asked to handle trade between two cities, while soldiers and mercenaries will become captains, squad leaders or teachers.   If a family keeps doing good to the continent after their ennoblement, they can be granted with extra responsibilities. These come with more remuneration and more potential influence.   In the same way, it can be quite easy to lose nobility. If a house repeatedly fails to fulfill their mission or if they disrespect the kingdom and Nelandra Aigleran's values, their titles might be taken away.

Law & Religion

  As representatives of the king, nobles have the implicit duty of making sure that the law is applied everywhere. They have to report any infraction to local authorities or act immediately if part of their mission is to keep the lands safe.   If any higher authority is present, they get the right to judge and enforce the laws in every case. The only situation where someone else needs to be summoned is a conflict between two nobles. If the two parties can not resolve the issue themselves, they have to address the case to the Royal Council which will debate the outcome.   Just like they do for the laws, nobles have to handle religious ceremonies if there is no member of the clergy around. They will recite prayers and pay for local altars' maintenance. Any negligence of one of the points above may result in severe consequences for the responsible family.   While all of these occasions are relatively rare on Menicea, they are pretty usual in foreign lands.


While nobles are theoretically equaled, disparities have shown over the years between wealthy, old and young families. The introduction of the Royal Council did not help as it furthermore deepened the gap in high society.   Newborn noble families often have a harsh time trying to find their place in society. Most old families make everything they can to keep their influence intact. One of their first moves was to claim all the plots in the capital's High Garland to keep the new nobles out of Nelandra(City). This made the newcomers mostly unable to come to the balls, meetings, and parties at the capital who are vital to building a network.    

High Nobility

  The High Nobility regroups the oldest and the most influent families over the continent, like The Prexyann Family and The Greshorio Family. This distinction is tacit, as no law clearly states the existence of such rank.   A noble family's responsibilities tend to grow over time, especially if they are influent in the lands. They usually delegate parts of their duties to smaller houses and make sure to support them in case of need. This is entirely known and approved by the crown, who willingly places newborn noble bloodlines under the supervision of older ones.   High Nobles families often meet and talk about the continent's future, and are more likely to be invited to the many receptions at the royal palace.    

Royal Council

  The Royal Council is one of the highest entity in the Menicean structure of power. It is composed by the Ruler, the current High-Visionary, influent nobles and even Kelyeran Asturac sometimes. The number of seats is not fixed, the council can summon as many members as they feel they need for each meeting. History showed that the noble representatives at the committee were nearly always High Nobles.   There, they get to participate in debates around the next priorities for the realm and how delicate matters will be handled. Being in the council is also an excellent opportunity to extend a house's responsibilities and thus its influence.

Nelandrean Nobility

  The Nelandrean Nobility is considered to be all the families, both low and high that live in the High Garland. They are the second most influent group behind the High nobles as most of them get to attend the royal court.   Most of the low nobles living at Nelandra are merchants or have a mission that allows them to work remotely.    

Low Nobility

Low Nobles are the vast majority of the Menicean nobility. They live all over the continent, leading small regions, towns, villages and have limited influence over the continent as a whole. Most of them do not bother trying to get into the Nelandrean politics, as the lifestyle of a low noble is already far above the common folks'.   Still, there are some exceptions where low nobles can have a decent influence, like The Greshorio Family's court. Opportunities like these are an invaluable way to grow a name, as it is actually how some low family became powerful.



  One of the first privileges given by the king to newborn noble families is property. Whether it is an already built mansion or a piece of land somewhere on the continent, everyone gets a new home.   The location and type of property can be chosen by the family. Everything available is written on a list on which they get to choose whatever they like most.   If a bloodline loses its nobility, they will either forced to leave or to buy the property.


  Nobles are exempt from paying most taxes such as tolls. This compensates the large amount of work they do for the realm, and the many costs it brings.

Own Commonworkers

  Most permanent Commonworkers are working for noble families as domestics. Owning your own free housekeepers is another privilege granted by the king.   Since they have nearly no right, their quality of life is entirely up to their owners. Lots of nobles actually take good care of their workers and treat them with respect. Among the Commonworkers, the most ancient bloodlines that kept serving a noble family for generations can often become Chamberlains. This is the higher in the society a Commonworker can go, and it is a source of motivation for many of them.   On the other hand, some families treat their servants very poorly, and many stories about unfortunate bastards are often heard around them.


Selim "Kidface" Glen Festraï
Court System
[First name] Glen [Last name]

The Greshorio Family

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The Prexyann Family

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The Karnassian Family

Everyone with a little of taste in alcohols knows the Karnassian family. They own the most famous brand of liquor in Menicea, and even possibly in the world. Based in Elyades, their distillery attracts more and more wealthy clients each year.
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