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Aye. This is indeed Elyades. Hope that Nelandra watched over your journey to get you here friend. I know it can be long and dangerous. Make yourself at home and ask if you need anything, we'll provide. Oh, and we're having a fireside gathering tonight, with songs and food. You're very welcome to join us.
  Small and calm peninsula in the far southwest of Menicea, Elyades is the home to the most welcoming and warm gerouns of the continent. Unlike its neighbor Odelia, this little piece of land is considered to be one of the safest places in the continent.  


Elyades is roughly 15km long and 9km wide. Most of its coasts are wild and rocky, but some beaches can be found away from villages. Vast forests dot the region and surround the lake at its center, protecting it from the wind coming down the few mountain ranges.   As a peninsula, Elyades is connected to Odelia via a small and thin road. Travelers generally wait for the low tide, as the path is lower than the rest of the land and often overrun by water during high tides.    


  Two rivers flow in Elyades. The "Fialli-fe-dia-digron" has its source in the top of the northern range, reaches and feeds the lake with water and fish, and then flows into the sea in the west of the region. It is also Piatiarna's source of drinkable water, and thus the reason why it was built there in the first place.   In the same way, the "Sanna fatia" provides Welden and its fields with fresh water and fish. Elyades' second river has its source in the south-eastern mountains and reaches the sea in the south-west.


  Elyades' lake is near its exact center, measuring approximately 3 kilometers long and 500 meters wide. It is crossed by the Fialli-fe-dia-digron river that brings and takes its water and fishes.   The banks of the lake have many beautiful spots that many painters have immortalized throughout history. Locals often come by to catch some freshwater fish or just to have a swim.   On the eastern side of the lake can be found the Karnassian family's properties: respectively their manor, brewery, and the Ruby arena.


  While overall hilly, Elyades has four small distinctive mountain ranges. They house the few sources of danger in the region as they are mostly never visited by locals.   The first two are located in the south of the region, respectively at the southeastern and southwestern points of the peninsula. These are entirely wild, sometimes visited by a patrol to make sure that there is no need for a driven hunt.   The two in the north have points of interest for the elyadesian people. The small mountain in the west is where Piatiarna's mines are located, and the largest, eastern one houses the magnificent geysers of the region.    


    Back in the days of the reconstruction , geysers were discovered in the northeastern mountain range of the region. The phenomenon was named "Estilla fe Giraun," as it occurs nowhere else on the continent. Gerouns believe that it is a manifestation of Giraun's powers and thus that the mountain was touched by him in person.   Each year, many pilgrims come to visit the region to see the geysers. A gorgeous shrine was built nearby them so that travelers could pray. Local Doves often recite their calls to elements, and many elyadesians bring offerings whenever the region gets hit by rough weather.   Giraun's divinity over creation entices pregnant women to bath in the water of the geyser, believing that doing so will cleanse their body and grant a healthy birth and childhood. Likewise, artisans like to put water on their arms and head to improve their creativity and success.        


The region is led by a council composed by the leaders of each village and the current representative of the Karnassian Family. They vote the specific laws to the region and organize its everyday life.   Village leaders are chosen among villagers every two years during summer. There is no limit on how many times the same leader can be selected as their power is relatively small. They are mainly carrying the demands of their people to the council and ensuring that their village has its needs met.   Each one of the three villages produces the amount of a given resource needed by the two others and itself. Sylve produces fruits for the brewery and wood, Welden cultivates grain and vegetables, and Piatiarna has mines and provides tools and iron goods to the others.  

Demographics and culture

Being far from everything, Elyades is mainly populated by gerouns. Foreigners rarely move in the region, as they generally lack a purpose to get the royal authorization to do so.   Elyadesians are often mocked by townsfolk. People from larger cities falsely assume that locals know nothing about the world since they are far away from everything. While they are surely not as much knowledgeable than nelandreans, elyadesians know a lot about what is happening all over the continent thanks to their culture. Since they are so welcoming and invite travelers over to share their history around the campfire, they learn a lot.   Elyades' culture is centered around conviviality and mutual aid. People gather nearly every day to share a meal or celebrate with music and stories. Each year, during summer, the three villages pause their activities to watch the Ruby tournament in the Ruby arena.


  • Elyades (OLD, TO REDO)
Alternative Name(s)
The Middle of nowhere, Peasants' lair
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Settlement | Apr 29, 2019

Elyades' bigger settlement. A fishermen and smith town in the west of the Peninsula, where boats depart to the Western Islands.

Piatarnia is the largest city in the region. It is where the council gathers and where the port linking Elyades and the Western Islands is. The place is fortified so that people from other villages can find shelter within its walls in case of assault.   Piatarnia is also providing iron manufactured goods for the whole region and has its mines in the northwestern mountain range of Elyades.
Settlement | Apr 29, 2019

The granary of Elyades. A small village in the peninsula's south-east.

Welden is the granary of the region, it cultivates and provides grain and vegetables to all the elyadesians. The small village is also targeted by many rumors of shady people wandering within its walls.
Settlement | Apr 29, 2019

Smallest village of Elyades. Lumberonne town and landing point for travelers from the rest of the continent.

Sylve is located in the north-east of Elyades. It provides wood to the rest of the region and cultivates poigrumes for the Karnassians' brewery. Since it is the closest city to the road to Nelandra (Capital), it has many warehouses storing goods to be exported to the rest of Menicea.

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Elyades is the location of the first video game about Menicea we're developing with friends! Follow my friends Skor and Idif on Twitter to stay updated!

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