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The Karnassian Family

You're here for the Karnassians ay? Follow me, I'm on my way to the distillery. There's no better liquor on Menicea, ser! You were right to visit us.
  Far away from the agitation of big cities, their plots and political games, the Karnassian family is one that made its name known through generations of hard work... on alcohol.  



  The Karnassian Family took its roots in the Menicean Nobility at the same time than many other famous houses of the continent. The rise of contraband during the seventies of the first century of the Golden Age was the perfect era for ambitious young people to win their nobility.   Qinto Karnassian was one of the many hunters that tracked down the countless outlaws that roamed the roads back then. He just happened to be the leader of a small group of five gérouns that dismantled a widespread and evergrowing network between Odelia and Elyades, which got him noticed by the authorities.  
People often forget that Karnassians were sellswords, originally. Their first noble mission was to protect Elyades, which they did back then, but it seems that they even forgot it themselves.   I mean, just look at Welden.
And just like the many young people that were seeking glory in hope to be acknowledged by the king, Qinto dreamt of a domain in the High Garland. The king, however, had other plans in mind. The crown lacked competent and trustful managers for all the far regions and instead granted the newborn family with a vast domain in Elyades.   Not only Qinto was far from his homeland of Insdyl, but he was also charged with the responsibility of handling the local military forces that would later become Elyades' territorial patrols. At the very least, the western peninsula wasn't so different from Brightmoon.   Still, his humble military training and experience tracking smugglers down made him perfect for the job after a few beginner mistakes. Many believe that it is thanks to the Karnassian family that Elyades was free of outlaws for such a long time.  

Not knowing where to go

  Shortly after Qinto's era, his descendants were left with almost nothing to do. Handling the newly formed Rockbreakers was still their duty, but it certainly did not need a lot of their time, and neither did having a seat at Elyades' council. The family needed to start an activity that would become their trademark.   Problem was, the Karnassian family's origins were military. Qinto never taught his daughter anything but how to handle soldiers and the basics of accounting. After long days of questioning, Julia Glen Karnassian decided to try and turn her passion for cabinetmaking into her family's new activity.   Woodworking worked for two generations, hers and her daughter's, but the business quickly ran out of customers. Elyades being a small region, it never had a lot of inhabitants, especially in the early Golden Age. Making furniture, as refined as it could be, also lacked something in Finio Glen Karnassian's opinion. He wanted people from all the continent to know who his family was; that their crest would immediately bring their name to people's lips the moment they saw it.   After a year exploring the continent and studying the current market, Finio Glen Karnassian decided to completely abandon cabinetmaking to start brewing alcohol.    

A Humble (re)start

  As Territorial Patrols got an official organization around the year 114, Finio was allowed to take a few steps back off managing the Rockbreakers. With the time saved, he got involved deeper in Elyades' administration and started promoting his brewery project to the council.   By borrowing some money to influent Odelian miners and to the crown, he bought the necessary tools to start the business.   The first kegs of ale that got out of the distillery were good, but not enough to fulfill Finio's ambitions. He needed something new, something unexpected and somehow exotic to conquer Menicea's mouth palates.   Right before he left the family's reins to his daughter, Finio Glen Karnassian had invented the Poigrumie Liquor that would soon bring all his dreams to reality.

Outstanding success

  Just like his father dreamt of it, Fatia Glen Karnassian's liquor quickly exploded among the Menicean Nobility. After a few tests and adjustments, she found the perfect recipe to make sure every noble table over the lands would want her bottles.   At first, the beverage was only famous within Silver-Dust's nobility, but a few samples were sent to some of Nelandra's families -the ones known for organizing many feasts and receptions- and the deal was sealed.   When Fatia started receiving many orders, she decided to review the old family crest. She ditched the sword that reminded the military origins of the Karnassians and only kept the red for that matter. She chose the seagull, very common in Elyades, as her family's new symbol. Every bottle and every keg had the animal on it for everyone to see.
My grandfather often told me about how reluctant the council was when Finio Glen Karnassian got more involved. He said that they smelled the tradesman within and did not want him to favor his family's interests over the regions'.   After he started making lots of money and investing it in that same region, they didn't mind anymore.

For the homeland

  Thanks to their new success, the Karnassians were able to repay their loans and invest in Elyades. They funded most of the Morknar counseling and bought brand new tools for each village. In exchange, they were given a large plot of land west of Sylve and turned it into an orchard full of poigrumiers for their brewery.   Nowadays, everyone knows where liquor bottles with a seagull on it come from. It is simply unthinkable for the Nelandrean) or Irisan nobles to invite anybody without having one of them at their table.   The beverage also started to go international, as the liquor can now be found in Human lands as well.    


Karnassian domain

  The Seagull's domain was slowly built through generations, north of Elyades' lake, between Sylve and Welden. At first just a small house, it is now a beautiful manor surrounded by gardens and a sturdy fence.   The old residence was kept and renovated as a guest house where influent visitors are offered to sleep. Throughout Elyades's recent history, the Karnassians also lent it to a few families from Welden after their homes were destroyed during a storm.   Both houses are made of white cob, decorated with resplendent banners of the family's crest.


  Finio Glen Karnassian made the distillery with Human methods. As his family's alcohol got more and more popular, they were able to buy and invest in top-quality tools.   A small restaurant was made in the same building for visitors to taste the local drinks and food.   Access to the rooms where the alcohol is made is strictly prohibited to outsiders, as Karnassians fiercely protect their recipe.

Reputation and public image

To the poor and common folk

  Karnassians definitely have the favors of their people. Elyadesians are grateful for the growth and the prosperity the noble family worked so hard to obtain, but this feeling starts to crumble as years go by.   For a few decades now, Elyades' safety has been drastically decreasing. Cases of thefts and even aggressions became more and more frequent, leaving the people wondering why the Karnassians do nothing about it.   Lots of locals start to complain about the fact that the nobles were supposed to keep the region safe, and that despite their efforts in the economic scene, they still need to attend their first duty.

To the rich and influent folk

  Karnassians are nothing to worry about. They provide good alcohol and gently stay in the countryside. As long as they do not nose into the capital or Irisport's affairs, they will be left alone.   Still, it is strange that they still do not have any major competitor after the potential of alcohol trade was demonstrated.

Grow and Prosper

Founding Date
Controlled Territories

Qinto Karnassian

    Qinto was the first. Rebellious kid of a farmers family in Brightmoon, he always dreamt of going beyond the rocky belt surrounding its hometown to fight for the realm. As soon as he was old enough to handle himself, he managed to find someone who could teach him how to wield a sword.   He then left with a few friends who shared the same dream and started tracking down outlaws. After a few outstanding catches, he was ennobled by the king and founded the Karnassian family.

Julia Karnassian

    Julia was the first in the family to think about its future as a noble house and how it could stand out. She laid the foundations for what the Karnassians became today, by being able to handle both her noble mission to manage Elyades' military forces and starting a career in cabinetmaking.

Finio Karnassian

    Definitively dropping the family's involvement in the military matters of Elyades, Finio also did the same with her mother and grandmother's woodwork.   He spent most of his life experimenting with ideas and concepts before starting the new family business around alcohol and inventing poigrume liquor.

Fatia Karnassian

    Fatia is the one who took every effort her ancestors put into growing the family and made them shine by bringing fame upon the Karnassian name. She brought the liquor her father invented to countless tables all over the continent and built a fortune in a matter of years.   With her earnings, she invested in her beloved Elyades and bought the plot of land that would later become the Karnassians' orchard.

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