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Early evenings in the countryside

This page will be updated when new games or festivities are written   Nights in big cities are unsurprisingly active, especially in dark alleys or taverns. Strangers and townsfolk are often surprised when they visit the countryside for the first time. What they expect to be a sad desert evening is, in fact, a convivial and cheerful gathering where people play, talk and drink together.  


The most popular leisure in Menicea is undoubtedly games. People of all ages spend lots of evening playing various tabletop games together. As the most famous one often got exported to cities and other regions, a considerable part of rural games are only found in specific areas of the continent.  

The Blinchetto

The Blinchetto is a famous game all over the continent, mostly among children. It is a game of skill, quite large, measuring up to 1.5 meters for the biggest ones.   Its structure is composed of two parts :
  • A ruler, with several pockets, dug at regular intervals.
  • A small lever at the edge of the ruler that will be used as a catapult for marbles.
  The game itself is quite easy. Every player is given the same amount of marbles of three different sizes. Each ball in a pocket provides the player with a given amount of points. The further slots are, the more they offer points.   Before the game begins, the players decide how many rounds it will last depending on how many marbles they have. Each player then tries to catapult a marble into the pocket of his choice. Bigger marbles do not offer more points, but they will make it difficult for another ball to fit in the same pocket.   The game ends with the last player's attempt at the final round. They then count the points for each marble in each slot.  


Dominoes are broadly famous among both children and adults. In fact, they are one of the most played games on the whole continent. It is very common to see a group of middle-aged men around a small table playing with some dominos.   During the first years that humans started to live alongside with Gérouns in Irisport, they exported dominos to their homelands. Originally, Géroun dominoes were made with drawings and symbols, but humans put numbers instead and said that the game was their invention.  


  Gambling is a big thing in the countryside, especially in areas where livestock is actively raised.   Gérouns will often organize Dlinhiaplas fights between dominant males and betting on the winner. In rarer occasions, they might even do the same with Dlintiarnas.   In Insdyl Plains, the Southern Forest, Elyadès and the Western Islands, Dlintiarnas races are very famous. In these regions, it's quite common for people to own a couple of these either as draft animals or mounts. Regularly, races are organized, and people bet on who's going to win. This made the most successful raiders gaining some fame, enough to get them invited to the Great Nelandrean Market, where races are now a whole part of the festivities.  


Among the many forms of art, Music is one of those that didn't need to be imported. For unknown reasons, it's also one of the only legacies of the Clan War that remained after the year 0.   Menicean instruments are mainly plucked string instruments like lutes or small guitars and woodwind instruments such as small flutes.   Whether it's for enlightening a lunchtime, dinner, game party or just for fun, gérouns like to have music whenever they can. Just like countryside folks play games on evenings, they also love to gather the whole neighborhood and sing a few songs together. Music instruments are actually more common in the countryside, where they are inherited for generations than in cities, where bards are the primary source of musical entertainment.  


After the beginning of the Golden Age, countless festivals were created all over the continent, each one being specific to a region or two. During these holidays, locals do not work but instead spend the whole day doing activities and eating meals offered by the governance.   Even during regular days, it is quite common to see a bunch of géroun families eating together in the countryside. Since gérouns don't have plates for each person but eat out of a big shared bowl where all the food is (See Menicean meals), they quickly found it convenient to share the task and costs of preparing meals.
Concerned regions :

- Elyades
- Western Islands
- The Great Forest
- Insdyl Plains
- Frozen Steppes


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