Mythrilgrist is a subterranean dwarvish settlement located in the southeast corner of the residential area. The known entrances are in the north between two sections of The Halberd and one gate facing west near the Hall of the Mountain Kings!. There are rumors that there are other secret entrances and exits from tunnels throughout the town and beyond. Dwarves tend to find this amusing but do little to dispel such notions.   Some non-dwarves have entered as far as the receiving hall but ventured no further due to the lack of lighting and generally stuffy, claustrophobic atmosphere. Prolific at stone removal, the first dwarvish settlers quickly went to work expanding the deep, wide ancient cellars they discovered and developed a network of tunnels and antechambers connecting them. This first level is only ten feet beneath the surface and is where the dwarves sleep and keep their personal belongings. There are few doors and minimal sources of light and the stone walls lack adornments or decoration. Any other species would undoubtedly become disoriented and lost in this repetitive maze of rooms with little to distinguish between them.    Several tunnels drop steeply another thirty feel down to the enormous Great Hall, where they drink, dine, and socialize. Most dwarves rely on very little sleep and will while away the darkest hours crafting ornate and elaborate designs on the floors, walls, and ceiling, enhancing the rock's natural features and colors. There are plenty of good-natured competitions underway between sculptors trying to outdo each other, and the beauty of the Great Hall is expected to rival any of the masterpieces in the region.   The name "Mythrilgrist" literally translates to "our mithril," which some non-dwarves resent, and there's also some question as what the dwarves might be hiding or planning in their caverns. Dwarves will answer that a better translation of the name would be "our home in mithril" but few care to argue the point beyond that, and rarely deign to respond to suspicions.


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