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Cloning is the process by which an organism is replicated with identical genomes, typically through artificial means. Although this process occasionally occurs naturally, usually through asexual reproduction, it is by far more commonly employed as an artificial technique. Cloning as a technology is used universally throughout the galaxy in a wide variety of fields, such as agriculture, medicine, conservation, demography, and the military.

One of the more simple applications of cloning is replicating certain plants, which can be done completely naturally with clippings. On an industrial scale, cloning edible animals for consumption is a common practice to keep up with the demands of planetary scale populations. Another popular utilisation of cloning is in the medical field, where cloned organs can be rapidly transplanted into a patient without the need for an organ donor. Organ cloning has significantly increased average life expectancies across all species in the galaxy. In the field of conservation, extinct species can be revived with only small amounts of DNA, or species in danger of extinction can be preserved.

The ethics of sapient cloning are generally considered settled throughout the galaxy, in favour of the practice. In many cases, the process ceases to be cloning and instead becomes artificial population growth, outputting a diverse population for reproductive health purposes. Artifically created sapients are grown in specialised clone vats, where they are nurtered until a desired age, and finally 'born'. The Commonwealth of Man is notable for heavily employing artificial population growth in order to maintain parity with other galactic powers.

Clones are also often used in various galactic militaries. Cloned sapients bred specifically for war are typically what are thought of when the word "clone" is said. They are bred with carefully selected genetic banks, and can rapidly age to a species' adulthood within a matter of months. However, their typical lifespan is less than a decade. Military clones are usually bred to have lower personal autonomy than non-cloned sapients in order to ensure their obedience to their superiors. They are typically used in non-officer roles, such as infantry, pilots, and ship crews.

In some cases, specialised clones are bred for certain military applications. One of these specialised clone types are suicide clones - quickly bred with limited intelligence and an overwhelming desire to detonate explosives strapped to their body in the middle of enemy formations. Naturally, the usage of suicide clones is controversial at best. The other major clone variant is the clone commando. Clone commandos are bred with the best genetics possible, and given extreme conditioning. In addition, the restrictions on their personal autonomy are removed, and are encouraged to employ creative thinking. This leads to significantly higher independence, and in many cases, the developing of non-standard personality quirks.


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