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Realm of Afratmé


Afratmé is argeubly one of the most hostile and inhospitable realms in all of Vael'Eteria. It is the realm encompassing and personifying the existential abstract forces of Time and Frequential Space. Infinite in size, it is primarily visited by either the foolish or the insane. Selathi rarely visits it unless it is an absolute necessity, and fortunately those moments are rare. Explosing it is said to be a disorienting experience, even for the likes of the Urh, such as Origin.  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.

Quarantined realm

Afratmé is one of the most restricted realms there is; access is only possible through the usage of specific methods, knowledge and artifacts of power  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.

Accessability for Melathi

Melathi attempting to access Afratmé without proper preparations, knowledge, and equipment would suffer one of two fates: They will either lose their sanity or are physically and metaphysically obliterated by the extreme forces of the realm.  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.

Possible loss of sanity

Loss of sanity is theorized to be a consequence of a simultaneous audible sensory cascade of sounds from not only their past, but every possible past that could have been, every present that is, and every possible future that can be. Even those who are incapable of hearing will not be spared, as the sounds penetrate even the strongest of mental fortifications.
Subsequently, this may break their minds completely and scatter them across the vastness of Afratmé, forcing them to experience every single moment of their possible pasts, presents, and futures. Those who have been recovered are incapable of reassembling their fractured minds, without the assistance of someone, or something, that is of a Selathi nature.  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.


Physical characteristics

Afratmé is, at first glance, nothing but a semi-reflective void that shimmers in a violet glow, something that is only noticeable in the corner of one's perception of sight. It has no seemingly end nor beginning, and it said to be infinite, more so than other realms of that descriptor, due to its fundamental connection to time and space.
Its surface is akin to a wast frozen ocean that has a slight dampness to it. It has an azure shade to it, and is cold to the touch.  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.

Space Dew

Uncountable tiny drops of dew are suspended in the air, as if attached to unseen threads. They are difficult to percive in even the best of circumstances and touching them gives one a sense of place for a fraction of a second, wherever that might be.  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.


Everblossoms, akin to natural water lilies, are an all-to common sight on the islands. Picking them upp will, for a faint heatbeat, give one a sense of time, whenever that is. It is, however, considerd taboo to do so by most who visits Afratmé.  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.

Time Shards

Time shards, or echo shards as they are also known as, will either float in the air or appear to be encased in the frozen surface beneth one's feet. They are belived to depict paused moments in time, though what prompts these to be selected is unknown. Events important enough that they echo through time is one popular theory, though some depictions put this one into question. After all, what might be so significant about a seemignly empty grassplain?  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.

Audible characteristics

Sounds of Identity and Time

The most dangerous of audible characteristics one is known as the Sounds of Time and is unique to each entity and individual who access Afratme. Even with proper protection, one will hear them, albeit not as strongly nor as constant. In essence, one will experience they are every sound from every possible past, present and future, wheter it is voices of people, the crackle of a fire or the pouring of rain.  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.

Music notes of Identity

The most famous audible characteristic of Afratmé concern instrumental music. This is belived to be unique to each entity and indivudal as well, though it is rumored to exist a consistent musical note that is the same for all. The music is often soft and distant, though there are limited periods where they are so loud one might be standing in the center of a concert, even with proper protection.
It is usually only one or two instruments one will hear, though two or three are not that uncommon. Selathi, such as Dhavians, are said to expericne a whole cacophany of musical instruments. The various meanings and siginifigance of these musical intstruments are debated, however.
Some have said to hear the sounds of guitars, or saxophones. Organ music is also said to be relativly common, as is violin and piano music.  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.

Traversing time

Afratme is what one must traverse to access specific moments in time. One may access specific locations as well, though the usage of various capabilities and artifacts of power is preferable. It is hypotized that these methods does access Afratmé but it is so sudden one will not register it, though sometimes one may rescive a flash of it.
In regards to time travel, it is far more dangerous and difficult. To access a specific moment in time, one need the correct coordinates. Otherwise, one may end up several decades or millennia out of time. How this is done, is that one travels to a specific place in Afratmé and then preform a frequential essence altercation that aligns one's väes with that of the time and place of one's intended location.  
— Excerpt from Realm of Afratmé.
Alternate Names
The Timezone.
Frequential Space.
Time Space.
The Everywhere.
The Alltime.
The Void of Reflection.
The Void of Violet Shimmers.
The Void of Time.
Type, Realm Accessability
Quarantined Reality.
Realm, Type
Void Realm.
Abstract Realm.


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