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Xenastin of Netehdrez

Xenastins, "The Houses of Gems", are places of learning for young drow of Mori'tarna. Specifically, for the wealthy and influential. Youngsters aged from 12 to 18 from the most highborn and wealthiest families start their studies here with the best of mentors, the length of their studies varying from 10 to 30 years.

While only the best of tutors teach the children of the elite, the largest benefit seen from the Xenastin education is the connection the children form with one another during their stay, alliances between families that those friendships may later serve.

There is two Xenastins in Mori'tarna, Uuthli Xenastin (Sapphire) in Zaetron Derraz and To'ryll Xenastin (Emerald) in Netehdrez. Both are greatly respected and work according to the perimeters set by the Great Matron Council of Mori'tarna, but they both have their own specialities.


Both Xenastins are led by a Headmaster, who oversees that the education provided by their school is up to bar with the requests of parents and the Great Matron Council. Under the headmaster, there are mentors and teachers that provide education to the youngsters.

Public Agenda

The purpose of Xenastin is the offer the youngsters of the Mori'tarna's elite the perfect foundation for their studies, through common subjects of local history, maths, sciences and religious education as well as more niche subjects tailored for individual students. The education will guarantee to give the same baseline to all of the students, which they can use as a stepping stone towards their further career.

This is particularly important to few middle class or lower upper-class students; where noble-born are automatically accepted to the schools, the commoners must enter via exam and come with good recommendations. Getting the best private tutors is a simple enough trick for the richest and most powerful, but for the exam takers, this could be their best opportunity to get those resources.

Another just as important mission of the Xenastin is simply to introduce the elite and rising talents to one another to create connections that can last through a lifetime. For the highborn, this is the source of alliances, and for the lower born a chance to get quintet with those that might once offer them a better life, as they can impress them with their skill.

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