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The Ordning

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"The Ordning" is the pantheon of the Giant kind, lead by the Annam All-Father. Back in the days of the Age of the Skylords, when giants were stronger, larger and mightier, the pantheon of giants was one of the most prominent faiths in the world of Melyria.

While now mostly succumbed to obscurity for the humanoid races, to this day giants and giant-kin still rever their deities, though their image of them varies greatly as the modern giants tend to view their gods on the way that most pleases them.

Mythology & Lore

Many giants believe it was the Annam All-Father that created the world in his infinite wisdom. Humanoid races often thinks him as Primordial. Gods of the pantheon were believed to be his children, before his marriage to Othea, who gave birth to the first Giants.

Work in progress


Author's Notes

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This article uses official DnD lore as a starting point, and thus takes ideas, names and details from sources like The Forgotten Realms Wiki, but tries to form its own narrative and story.

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